The Reimagined Hazendal

21 May, 2019 | For close to two years, the historic Bottelary Road landmark, Hazendal Wine Estate, was under construction, and shrouded in mystery. In December 2018, the gates opened to reveal a beaut


Jagermeister Launches New Limited Edition Slayer Bottle

Looks like Jagermeister has teamed up with Slayer to create the most badass bottle you've ever seen. It's no surprise though, after all these years the 2 brands have been working together as Slayer ha


LSD Is Helping People End Their Alcohol Dependence

Most of this study's participants drank far less after tripping.


How Social Media Stars Shake Up The Wine Market

Wine professionals discuss the impact Instagram influencers have on brand awareness and bottle sales


Mcdonalds Opens A Tiny Restaurant For Bees

Bee colonies around the world are dying at alarming rates. No more so than in the USA, where it is estimated the 44% of colonies were lost in 2016 alone. There are many reasons for this alarming decli


Lime, Corn and Soy Chicken With Asian Slaw

Give your next braai a twist with an Asian flavour influence with this recipe for lime corn and soy chicken.


Blueberry Broccoli Spinach Salad With Poppyseed Ranch

Channeling the flavors of some of some of my favorite restaurant salads, this tasty Blueberry


Tangy West Coast Crayfish Salad

This tangy Cape crayfish salad is a simple but decadent seafood treat from the Cape West Coast in South Africa. Try the recipe.


Nutty Quinoa Salad With Goat’s Cheese

I love this!


The 15 Most Instagrammable Cocktails On The Planet

Crank up those likes with the most Instagrammable cocktails on the planet, from boozy beverages in lightbulbs to cocktails as ice-cubs

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