Brits Chug Back Record Amounts Of Gin

Brits have sloshed back 60m bottles of gin in the past 12 months, worth £1.6bn, according to the latest figures from the Wine & Spirits Trade Association (WSTA).


Top Cocktail Spots In Joburg

Just in time for Summer, we have searched for the best cocktail spots in Joburg to keep you cool. They offer everything from the classics and the unusual to virgin variants and jam jars.  


One Of World’s Oldest Beer Varieties at Risk From Climate Change

Rising temperatures threaten survival of Belgium’s sour lambic beer, study warns.


Should SA Ban Selling Energy Drinks To Children?

According to a recent South African brand report, South Africans are some of the biggest consumers of energy drinks in the ...


Cannabis Could Be As Large As Soft Drinks Industry, Says Analyst

Cannabis Could Be As Large As Soft Drinks Industry, Says Analyst


Corona-based Monster Energy Drinks Sues Competitor, Accusing It Of Making False Health Claims

In a federal suit, the company contends that VPX, which makes Bang drinks, is deceiving consumers, an allegation VPX denies


This Map Shows All The Major River Networks In South Africa

Ever wondered where your water comes from?


Canned Wine Is No Longer A Fad, It’s A $45 Million Business

Bottling wine in cans with pull-tops instead of corks isn't new, but it has become a staple for young drinkers over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down.


Japan Is Making Totally Clear Beer And Coffee Drinks

"It feels healthier to drink clear-color drinks."


Introducing Big Sip Co, Botswana`s First Microbrewery

Big Sip Co is the first microbrewery in Botswana. Based in Gaborone, they offer four beers which can be found at select restaurants around the capital.

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