South African Entrepreneurs Launch New Whisky Bannerman`s

Cape Town-based premium drinks company Truman & Orange is behind the launch of Bannerman’s Finest Bl


Why Do I Get Congested When I Drink Alcohol?

Every time I enjoy a cold hard cider, I feel nauseated. Not immediately—first comes the congestion. Then I feel woozy. Then, hours later, my stomach churns. I wanted to figure out what was happening


Cape Drought Makes South African Wine Pricier But Tastier

The drought in South Africa’s Northern and Western Cape provinces is billed as the worst on record, with Cape Town residents forsaking baths in favor of 90-second showers. At least the wine is getti


The Hidden History Of Tea Shows Us That Little Things Can Have A Huge Impact.

Where does your tea come from? The answer is more significant than you think. #PromotedPost


Japanese Scientists Make Alcohol From Wood


Candy Floss, Mopane Worms And The Best Cocktail I`ve Ever Had

Who doesn’t love a new and interesting cocktail? Well, (in my humblest opinion) no one does weird and wonderful cocktails quite like Mootee bar – a bartender-owned bar in Mellville, Johannesburg.


First South African Whisky Added To Private Barrel Co.


The Early History Of South Africa`s Oldest Pub – Perseverance Tavern

It’s the year 1766 and in Grünberg Germany, a 16-year-old boy called Johannes Blesser, enrols as a young soldier in the Dutch East Indian Company. Without knowing, this set in motion Blesser’s love-affair with a small coastal settlement at the bottom of Africa, which penultimately gave us Perseverance Tavern.


Cape Town Restaurants For Stoners

They say nothing ever gets done in Cape Town because everyone is stoned.


13 Industry Pros Share Their Advice For New Bartenders

One of the most common questions asked by new bartenders is “What should I do to become successful?” or “It’s my first shift behind the bar, what do I need to know and what should I focus on?

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