The Top 10 Bartending Competitions To Enter In South Africa, According To Bartenders.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and everyone in the spirits business is hustling harder than a pusher on Long Street for positioning at the bar.


The Gin Revolution Is Beginning In India

Gin revolution is beginning in India Caitlin Hill, Brand Ambassador of The Botanist


Innovative Orange Juicer 3d Prints Bioplastic Cups Out Of Leftover

Designer Carlo Ratti Associati has unveiled ?Feel the Peel", a combo orange juicer/3D printer that makes bioplastic cups out of leftover orange peels.


How Ranch Water Became The Unofficial Cocktail Of West Texas

Ranch Water?a mix of tequila, lime juice and soda water?has long been a West Texas staple, and it's now starting to appear in bars across the state. Veronica Meewes on the simple highball that's takin


What Should Young Children Drink? Mostly Milk And Water, Scientists Say

Infants and toddlers should not be given soda, chocolate milk or other sweetened drinks, according to strict new guidelines.


The Restaurants Making Tea Pairing The New Wine Pairing

For when you want something delicious to drink with dinner, but not alcohol.


South Africa Has New Draft Rules About Hot Drinks, And Ricoffy, Frisco, And Koffiehuis Are Definitely Not Coffee

South Africa has new draft rules about what may or may not be sold as coffee in South Africa – and some firm favourite mixtures that reference coffee in their names will be in the “not” list.


Diet Drinks May Not Be As Good An Option As You Thought

Study shows an association between early death and drinking up to two diet soft drinks a day


Why We Still Worship Hemingway At His Bars

Even to the Hemingway dilettante, the bars where the literary giant drank are famous. But what has his legacy bequeathed to them? Leslie Pariseau traces her way through Hemingway's haunts to see how h


We Tried The New Coffee-flavoured Coke, Which Is Now On Sale In South Africa.

The new cola contains Brazilian coffee powder with 34mg caffeine in the 200ml can.