Hidden Coffee Spots in Cape Town’s East City

On the fringe of Cape Town’s easy city, a steady coffee smog streams-up the crisp winter morning sky. It’s cold, and on the streets studded beardos congregate for their morning java.


A Negroni a Day at these Cape Town restaurants will keep the winter at bay

From obscurity, the Negroni cocktail slid back into mainstream cocktail bars like some kind of forgotten DM.


Two of South Africa’s Top Bars to close and relocate

A good story always needs a villain and for this one we selected the boogeyman of the trade, the ruler of the coop, the one to which we all bend the knee, hard. The landlord.


9 Food Pairings For Rum That Might Surprise You

Sometimes it’s crazy to image parts of the world without their modern day heritage.  Imagine Italy without tomatoes or America without Mustangs, and yet not so long ago this was the case.


All the 2019 South African B.A.R. Award Winners

Cape Town might be littered with babalaas bartenders this morning, but the Mother City sits pretty with almost all the major awards – from High to New to Best Bar – it’s all down south. A major shift from last year, when Jozi delivered most of the goods.


The Bittersweet History of The Cocktail

To puzzle together the history of the cocktail, which can be as blurry as recalling a boozy night out, one first need to know the history of one of its main ingredients, sugar.


All the Rum Tum Tum Available at Cape Town`s Latest Rum Bar

Rum Tum Tum popped up earlier this month in Bree Street, all set to purvey vogue rum, either straight to your lowball or cloaked-up in an invigorating cocktail, you decide.


How Tripe And Alcohol Gave Us Halloween

We might not gather around the dining table for a family meal during Halloween much, but that’s precisely why we have this creepy celebration in the first place.


30 Percent of Eatout Top 30 Restaurants are on a Wine Estate

Chef Liam Tomlin and Luke Dale-Roberts might have very well broke the Eatout Awards, with no less than 7 restaurants between the two – and rightfully so, but it’s the Cape Winelands that host the most. Always wanted to type that.


This is the entrance to Cape Town`s most secretive speakeasy bar

You whisper a secret passphrase in a big bearded Cosa Nostra’s ear, and like magic, an unassuming steal door screeches open behind the muscle to reveal a Gotham-City-like alley, eerie enough to make little Bruce Wayne’s palms sweat. But then, from the back a lonesome ceramic water closest glows into focus, signalling a safe passage to Cape Town’s newest and most hush-hush 1920s style speakeasy bar.

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