Book your Winter Wine Experience at Haut Espoir

Some of the best experiences in the winelands of South Africa require some extra planning, meaning you have to make an appointment. But they’re well worth the effort.


Warm Up With A Robust Cabernet From Haut Espoir

We all love those chilly days, cosying up in front of an oversized fireplace with a glass of red. If you are looking for the perfect companion, we suggest our wine of the month – a robust red from Haut Espoir in Franschhoek.


Treat Dad To A Fynbos Walk and A Glass Of Gentle Giant This Father’s Day at Haut Espoir

Join Haut Espoir for a glass of Gentle Giant in the tasting Shed followed by a fynbos walk around the reserve.


You can now enjoy a cold beer at the Tasting Shed at Haut Espoir

Try something different this April at the Haut Espoir. Join owner Rob Amstrong for an amble through the Labyrinth.


Book A Fynbos Rehabilitation Walk At Haut Espoir

Slow down and smell the Protea’s!


Feel The Love At Haut Espoir This Valentine’s Day

You are all invited to join us at Haut Espoir this Valentine’s Day.


Gentle Giant by Haut Espoir Earns Title Of Best Selling Wine On

We’ve just returned from a week in South Africa and one thing is certain, the wines they’re making are incredibly exciting. We’ve visited every year since 2016 and the leaps forward in quality in that short time have been staggering.


Join the Haut Espoir Wine Club and start reaping the benefits

All wine lovers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike, are invited to join the Haut Espoir Wine Club. Doing so will enable you to receive some fantastic offers and privileges at the Franschhoek winery, as well as have the opportunity to purchase the estate’s acclaimed wines at discounted prices.


Largest Oil Painting In The World Unveiled At Haut Espoir In Franschhoek

South African artist and environmentalist Charles Frank, from Paarl, has broken the prestigious Guinness World Record for painting the largest oil painting.


With Summer heating up, enjoy a glass of Cloudfall 2016 in the Sunny Tasting Garden at Haut Espoir

Join Haut Espoir in the Tasting Shed for a sunny walk through to the Tasting Garden where Mlo or Siyanda will guide you through the Franschhoek winery’s Summer wines.