Savoury for me

Different occasions call for different wines; yet with that said I seem to consistently prefer more savoury earthy Pinot Noirs to their more fruity expressions.


Beer 101: Ales and Lagers

Beer 101 sounds like the name of a boring unit of a beer course right?


Seating at a Restaurant

The waiter walks up to you holding the bottle you just picked out of the line-up.


A Visit to the Makers of Leleshwa Wines

………. So, it’s 11:30 am, we are by the side of the road just outside Naivasha town; a police man with my driving license in hand. Our appointment to visit Rift Valley Winery had been for 11 but clearly we weren’t going to make it.



I have found myself time and time again, pretending to know way much more about the wine in my glass than I could ever know.


Wine Pairing Dinner at WWW Shop And Bar

On Thursday night I had the pleasure to attend an intimate wine pairing dinner at the WWW Shop and Bar at the Junction. Sommeliers Victoria Munywoki and Juan Cambil helped to conduct the tasting by describing the wine to the guests. The setup was ready by 7 pm and we sat to try our first wine. This was the Leyda Reserva Sauvignon Blanc which was a pale yellow wine with fruity aromas. It provided a diverse array of flavors for the discerning connoisseur. Chilean wines have been making headlines and the consumers have appreciated their contribution to the wine field.

The second wine was Catillo de Molina Chardonnay. It was a full bodied wine with a golden hue…


The Elusive Elgin

I love Elgin. But I don’t think she loves me as much.


Know Your Whiskey

This is the hard stuff. Of men in suits and ties engrossed in serious business talk.


The Floor-ed Rift Valley

The wild is my sanctuary. It’s where I feel the most at peace, where my mind winds down to a perfect harmony and clarity; where I can stand or seat still for hours and only be concerned that there wasn’t enough time to take it all in. It’s the expanse, the diversity of flora and fauna, the beauty, the seeming miniature nature of our existence in perspective, the contrasted savagery and yet unity, the resilience, the ingenuity… All of it, that somehow resonates deeply with my core.

After a long 2014, I was fortunate enough to spend two days recharging in the 1,510 squared kilometre Maasai Mara: one of Kenya’s… correction… the world’s, most astonishing game reserves. There is certainly something prehistoric and reverend about the spotted grassland with a staggering per capita concentration of wildlife. The warmth of the people, simultaneously, makes you feel like you are exactly where you belong.

I was disappointed by the “execution” of the wine list at the establishment we stayed at. Initially, intrigued by the diversity it boasted in writing, it turned out they only had about 40% of the wines in stock. What use is a list that shows more of what you don’t have than what you do?…


Going Chard Crazy

Bare with me, I seem to be going through an Elgin infatuation as we … speak? It probably won’t pass, however I’ll most certainly move to another obsession next week that will keep me preoccupied for a little while. In this instance, I’ve been fortunate enough to taste a couple of their stunning Chardonnays over the last few weeks, and decided to stick my “aches-ridden” neck out for it as a variety (dramatic huh?).

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