Smoked Chicken – Smoked Chicken Wings & Smoked Chicken Breast

Smoked Chicken is one of those foods that put a smile on your face while you lick your fingers to clean. This smoked chicken recipe is so Juicy, melt in your mouth and totally the opposite of complica


Blackened Chicken Recipe

Blackened Chicken: Chicken breast can be a little bit hard to chew and even it's sometimes boring, but when it comes to blackened chicken, it’s Bold & Sp


Hunan Chicken Recipe

Hunan Chicken: In order to please the American palate it is one of those dishes like General Tso chicken that was altered by Chinese restaurants. It's basicall


Roast Chicken Recipe

Roast Chicken: This chicken recipe is fully loaded with flavors. Juicy from inside and a little crisp on the outside. This is the easy roast chicken recipe, per


Grilled Chicken

Grilled Chicken: This easy, healthy grilled chicken recipe is a perfect meal! It’s a perfect dish when you are bored of eating hot dogs and burgers. It contai


Autumn Chopped Chicken Salad (video)

Autumn Chopped Chicken Salad will be your favorite Fall salad. Chicken Salad with pears, craisins, pecans, feta and chicken with easy balsamic vinaigrette!