Inverroche CafeCoco Liqueur: When Chocolate and Rum Meets

In a quick recap, I was invited to do a bit of city crawl with Jody Francis, the Brand Ambassador for Inverroche, discovering the brand’s new Liqueur range, some of the best venues the Mother City has to offer, and taking a closer look at the home of Inverroche.


Discovering Inverroche Liqueur at Cape Town’s Best Kept Secret

Last week, I took a closer look at Inverroche as a brand, a contributor to sustainable practices and a pioneer not only in locally handcrafted gin, but rum and more recently, liqueurs. Below we discover the team behind the creation of Inverroche as a local favourite.


Inverroche, Home of Fynbos Gin, Rum and … Liqueur?

As a self-proclaimed drinks enthusiast, a prophet of the liquid-to-lips movement and a frequenter of the vegetative state of self-pity which follows; I was intrigued to hear that the team at the Inverroche Distillery were trying their hand at liqueur-making. A spirit category which seems to have remained somewhat stuck in a distant memory of those drink-slingers who came before us.


The Quintessential Daiquiri

I found myself browsing some historically forgotten cocktails the other day and came across a list of drinks deemed “The Most Underrated Cocktails”. A list compiled of elixirs, who for no other reason, but that they were no longer popular in a time where the evolution of the drinks culture as we know it today was on a rapid rise.


World’s Fastest Man unveils new Champagne at Africa’s Richest Race Day

On 26 January 2019, the Sun Met (Formally known as the J&B Met), which is celebrated with Mumm champagne, brought racing enthusiasts and the high-fashion-conscious glitterati together to partake and join in the celebration of Africa’s Richest Race Day. Race-day-goers experienced world-class horse racing entertainment in true equestrian-inspired elegance.


How To Make The Quintessential Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Recently, I received an invite to a ‘Cosmopolitan’ party. I was a bit confused as to whether the theme was inspired by the ‘Cosmo’ cocktail or if it had more to do with the outlandish lifestyles portrayed by cover girls flaunting their all-year-round-summer-bodies in designer bikini pieces?


22 Quintessential Items Every Home Bar Should Have

It is that time of the year again folks, the time when overindulging is overlooked and the good times keep on rolling.