You Can Now Get The Same Health Benefits From Coffee You Used To Get From Red Wine

The health benefits of red wine in moderation are well known, thanks to the antioxidant resveratrol, which is thought to shield the body against heart attacks, cancer and other diseases.

Vera Roasting Company, based in Dover, New Hampshire, offers those same benefits in coffee, launching online in December 2015, after pioneering a way to infuse coffee beans with resveratrol.

Glen Miller, the organic chemist who figured out how to get resveratrol into a coffee bean after roasting through experimenting in his kitchen, immediately filed for a patent.

Miller describes the patent as “very powerful,” covering not only resveratrol in coffee, but also any other nutraceutical, i.e. an additive with health benefits. Vera already offers a “sunshine” blend of its coffee, with not only resveratrol but also Vitamin D added to the bean.

“Which people in New England need,” Miller says, thinking of the gray winters. “We’re certainly a pioneer in the field.”

Tom Polcaro, Vera’s CEO, said he’s particulary excited that the company is offering health benefits to consumers in something that’s already in their daily routine, given that 80 percent of Americans drink coffee every day.

“What better way to impart health benefits, and it tastes great,” Polcaro said. “So you’re getting not just health benefits, but also a good cup of coffee.”

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