3 Romantic Movies Paired with Drinks

We love romantic movies here at Ultra Liquors, so we’re sharing our absolute favourites paired with some drinks, all in celebration of Valentine’s day.

Here are the top romantic movies you and your beau can cozy up to:


casablanca 3 Romantic Movies Paired with Drinks

“Casablanca” is an undisputed masterpiece and Hollywood’s quintessential statement on love and romance. Various alcoholic beverages were key elements to the struggle against hopelessness that the trapped characters felt.

Drink Suggestion: Champagne, whiskey, brandy, cognac, wine, and unnamed cocktails. These were the drinks the actors consumed throughout the movie.


titanic 3 Romantic Movies Paired with Drinks

“Titanic” is described as a love story that transcends class, circumstance and even life. Reports from 100 years ago say that among the provisions when the ship left Southampton were 1,000 bottles of wine and 850 bottles of spirits for the 2,220 passengers and crew.

Drink Suggestion: Whiskey. The story goes that one of the ship’s bakers was drinking whiskey throughout the night as he helped other passengers, and he jumped off the stern of the ship as it sank into the water. Before he was rescued, he swam around in the icy water for hours, apparently insulated by all the whiskey he had been drinking…

A Walk in the Clouds

walkintheclouds 3 Romantic Movies Paired with Drinks

“A Walk in the Clouds,” the first American film directed by the Mexican film maker Alfonso Arau, is bathed in the same warm, golden light that suffused his voluptuous “Like Water for Chocolate.” Keanu Reeves plays a World War II vet who hits the road as a traveling salesman and agrees to help a desperate, pregnant woman (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon)–who is afraid to let her father (Giancarlo Giannini) see her condition–by pretending to be her husband. Most of the story takes place in the old man’s vineyard, and Arau makes a life of swollen fruit, grape-stomping, sunlight, and tan flesh that looks amazingly erotic.

Drink Suggestion: Wine of cause!

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