That South African icon, the jaffle pan, has a shorter history than you may think. It was invented in 1949 and was a coveted household item in the early 1950s. The original Jaffle brand – jaffle iron – was designed and patented by Dr Earnest Smithers of Bondi. So it’s actually all-Australian and not so much South African!


Disaronno Liqueur introduces the Disa Fizz, a drink just perfect for lazy summer days spend in the sun.


Celebration and food go hand-in-hand, whether it is a carnival or wedding, birthday, or work party, and to ensure that guests enjoy the food as much or even more than the event itself event organizers heavily depend on the services of a local caterer.  The party is what it is only because of the food served, and the caterer chosen by you can make a huge difference in the outcome. Hosts are at peace when engaging a caterer who takes care of everything that would please the guests with sumptuous and lip-smacking food that makes the event more memorable.  On knowing that the guests would get treated in the best way, hosts can have as much fun as their guests.


Are you planning on hosting a casino night with friends? Maybe it won’t be an evening with friends, rather you’re just looking forward to some online casino games on your own and making an evening of it. One thing that goes exceptionally well with a casino-themed evening is wine. Here are some tips you can use that will help you choose the right wine for your fun-filled casino night.


Holiday get-togethers tend to be rife with booze. From the pub crawls on so-called “Blackout Wednesday” to the clinking flutes of New Year’s Eve champagne, the alcohol flows especially freely at this time of year. If you’re trying to cut back on your consumption or have made a commitment to sobriety, holiday get-togethers can be especially challenging.


The prayers of cat and rice ball lovers around the world have been answered! You can take Onigiri, the Bento staple, and turn it into any shape you want, even a cat!!


From the easy eating pleasure of a pillowy marshmallow egg to the crack of foil-covered bunnies, easter eggs fill our lives with sweet memories. As children, we excitedly scurry around the house tracking down these hidden chocolate treasures and beam with smiles as we lick the baking spoons and bowls clean. 


Turn your next garden party or high tea occasion into a stylish affair with the mushroom and ricotta cigars made with phyllo. Serve them with a bottle of La Motte Méthode Cap Classique for an exquisite sensory experience.


With over 90 million Americans consuming it, beer is among the top three most consumed beverages together with tea and water. Some people also promote it as the perfect post-workout drink, although it can be slightly dehydrating. That will make you wonder whether it’s as helpful as other post-workout beverages like protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, and water. In this article, we discuss whether a beer is ideal for athletes and people who exercise casually.


A grocery store operates just like any other retail store with the exception that it sells food in bulk. Starting a grocery store does not require a lot of capital and is one of the businesses that are relatively easy to get into. Grocery retailing can be very competitive depending on where your business is located, and this is why many business owners take advantage of various services to help them run their businesses and keep them profitable. So, what does a business owner need to keep an eye on when sourcing the various tools and services that will help them run a successful grocery store?