Fire Roasted Corn and Bacon Guacamole With A Dash Of Tequila

This just may be the most drunken Fire Roasted Corn Guacamole that you will ever have! Complicated? Not at all. It takes roughly 15 minutes to roast, chop, dice, grind and mix this lovely relish. Add some bacon and tequila and you have a winning dip for your next party.


Jägermeister Is Dropping Its First-Ever Clothing Collection

Although we think of Jägermeister as the German herbal drink most commonly gulped down as an ice-cold shot, recently the beverage brand has been looking beyond the bottle to the wider community associated with it. Earlier this year, the Berlin:AFT3R D4RK project honed in on the German capital’s legendary club scene and now, the drinks brand is branching out one step further and launching its first-ever clothing collection.


Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis-Infused Drinks

All the myths revolving around cannabis has taken a back seat with its medicinal values coming more into focus. Legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in some states of the U.S and in Canada has awoken the green revolution. People are eager to try out this feeling of elation. But not everyone likes the idea of smoking or vaping cannabis. Thankfully, there are alternatives to smoking. You can have a taste of cannabis even through edibles, which are covering a large section of the cannabis industry today. Cannabis edibles can be either cannabis-infused drinks or food. Here, we are going to cover more on the cannabis-infused drinks sector.


Bacardi Creates Youtube Video Using Barware As Instruments

Rum brand Bacardi is jumping on the ASMR bandwagon by mixing together sounds from cocktail preparation to create a new music video.


Castle Lite Cold Lock Packaging Is A World First That Keeps Your Beer Extra Cold For Three Hours

Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite, has launched lab-tested secondary packaging that will keep consumers’ beer extra cold for three hours without the use of ice after refrigeration.


How To Make Traditional Tomato Jam

As it is Heritage Month during September, why not try this tomato jam recipe from Die VLV Kookboek – a lovely collection of recipes compiled by the VLV or Women Agriculture Association.


Bacon and Egg Spring Rolls

Scrambled eggs loaded up with cheese, crispy bacon, and chives! Get everyone involved with the wrapping, and serve it at your next brunch party. We suggest you serve these warm with your favourite dipping sauce.


Pink beer officially becomes a thing!

Pink beer is nothing new, but this summer, rosé beer has officially become a thing — and hibiscus petals a new star ingredient — as brewers across the country put out light ales and lagers colored by additions of the flame-red flower petals and such fruits as cherries, cranberries, berries and grapes.


5 Snacks Approved By Dietitians for Long Rides

Have you ever been on a long ride and you wished you had enough snacks to eat? Well, it happens quite a lot of times. Long journeys might be boring and definitely, you would need some crunchy tastes in your mouth to make the ride interesting. This is exactly why you should take snacks recommended by dietitians.


What Is the Best Thing to Drink Before an Exam?

The period of final exams creeps up on students imperceptibly. Seems like you have just started this academic year and, boom! – you are already buried under piles of papers and books.