With over 90 million Americans consuming it, beer is among the top three most consumed beverages together with tea and water. Some people also promote it as the perfect post-workout drink, although it can be slightly dehydrating. That will make you wonder whether it’s as helpful as other post-workout beverages like protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, and water. In this article, we discuss whether a beer is ideal for athletes and people who exercise casually.


The prayers of cat and rice ball lovers around the world have been answered! You can take Onigiri, the Bento staple, and turn it into any shape you want, even a cat!!


An ambitious South African start-up is helping to kickstart a sustainability habit where it needs to happen: at home and, surprisingly, with something as simple as your morning coffee.


A grocery store operates just like any other retail store with the exception that it sells food in bulk. Starting a grocery store does not require a lot of capital and is one of the businesses that are relatively easy to get into. Grocery retailing can be very competitive depending on where your business is located, and this is why many business owners take advantage of various services to help them run their businesses and keep them profitable. So, what does a business owner need to keep an eye on when sourcing the various tools and services that will help them run a successful grocery store?

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Chamonix, the award-winning wine estate in Franschhoek, has been purchased by Fredensborg Property Investments SA (Pty) Ltd, a South-African subsidiary of the Norwegian real estate company Fredensborg 1994.


Take a pinch of Chef’s Table, add a dash of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, then a large helping of Mzansi magic, and you have the quintessential ingredients for a show like no other. 


Around 159 million Americans drink tea every day and this number is predicted to rise. The Tea Association of the USA, for instance, found that premium tea bag sales grew by 18% in 2020 alone, fueled in no small part by a growing interest in stress-relieving beverages. Tea is also the buzzword in the health food sector because it is part of the growing plant-based movement. If you love nothing more than the fragrant aroma of steam rising from your tea kettle, make sure you stay on top of your game by sipping on the following trends.


South Africa’s pioneering Chardonnay-focused wine estate, De Wetshof in Robertson, is the only Cape wine on this year’s coveted list of Top 100 wines, as selected by the American magazine Wine Spectator, the world’s most influential wine publication. The De Wetshof Bon Vallon Chardonnay 2020, one of the estate’s five site-specific Chardonnays, came in at number 92 in the Top 100, which is selected by Wine Spectator editors from the thousands of wines from around the world scrutinised throughout the year.

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The team at Jordan were ecstatic to receive the results from the 2022 edition of the Platter Wine Guide, receiving two 5-star ratings for the Jordan Insiders Cabernet Franc 2019 and the Jordan CWG Sophia 2018! 


A coffee urn is an easy solution when you have to offer coffee for an event or for large parties. An 8 liter coffee urn can brew up to 32 cups of coffee.