Jan Braai’s Pulled Pork Burgers Paired With Elgin Vintners Pinot Noir

Pulled pork is amazingly simple and affordable to make. The number of guests you will be able to serve from this recipe depends on the size of the deboned pork shoulder. You will require a number 2 or number 3 three-legged pot or a number 10 Dutch Oven (a thick-walled cast iron cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid). Donnie Claassen, our National Sales Manager and an avid braaier himself, adapted this recipe from Jan Braai’s recipe book titled Die Demokratiese Republiek van Braai.


Celebrating World Gin Day With Angostura Aromatic Bitters

Level three of lockdown means that spirit sales are finally opening again – just in time for World Gin Day on 13 June! Visit you nearest liquor store, stock up on your favourite gin and then try these simple gin cocktails to #KeepYourSpiritsUp.


How To Add CBD Oil To Your Simple Home Recipes

CBD has really taken over the food world by storm, fueled by consumer interest in the reported health benefits of the chemical. CBD is actually an extract from the hemp plant of the Cannabis Sativa family, so it’s really about taking that plant-based theme and mixing it with your own culinary expertise.


Celebrate Cognac Day Like A Billionaire

Each year on June 4th, brandy lovers and distillers celebrate Cognac Day. If you have ever had the pleasure of sipping on a Sidecar or Sazerac, then you have tasted the pure, flavorful essence of cognac. Yet, all Cognac snobs will agree that unless you have sipped on a glass of just straight cognac, you have probably never experienced the luxurious flavours of an expensive bottle.

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Apple and Quince Crumble

Nothing says Autumn quite like an apple crumble. This comfortingly cosy dessert is made all the more warming with the addition of tenderly poached quince and a few measures of Rietvallei Muscadel. Cheerful red Royal Gala apples are roasted in honey, bay and Muscadel and blanketed under a mixture of oats, sticky brown sugar and butter. Make the quince ahead of time, as the excess is delicious with custard for a speedy after-dinner treat.


Domino’s Reveals Hack To Reheat Pizza In 30 Seconds Without It Going Soggy

If you’ve gone overboard on the pizza size and can’t quite finish it, save it for the next day. But when it comes to reheating, you need to do it right – no one wants a soggy base.

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8 Things You Should Know About Screaming Eagle and Winery

Established in 1986 by previous realtor Jean Phillips, Screaming Wine encapsulates low-creation, selective Napa Winemaking. From its superstar winemaker to a decades-in length holding up list, here are eight things you have to know about Screaming Eagle wine. 


World Milk Day: Fascinating Facts About Everyone’s Favourite Dairy Drink

World Milk Day has been observed on June 1 each year since 2001. Established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, the day recognize the importance of milk as a global food.


The History Of The Shrimp Cocktail And How To Make The Perfect One From Scratch

From the 1960s to the 1980s there was only one starter to serve at your dinner party: the shrimp cocktail. Served in a wine glass, this gloopy mix of defrosted prawns and sweet pink sauce balanced on a nest of iceberg lettuce was the sophisticated way to begin a night among friends. 


Popstar Kylie Minogue Launches Her Own Wine To Mark Her 51st Birthday

90s Pop sensation Kylie Minogue has spent two years working with Benchmark Drinks on her own wine, a signature rosé, to mark her 51st birthday.