Vegan Mushroom Tacos

Mushrooms make great tacos because of the texture, taste, and look. These vegan mushroom tacos are a delicious meatless alternative to the traditional version of this classic crowd pleaser.


Mushroom Bravos

Skip the starch by swapping standard potatoes with fresh mushroom bravos.


Artichoke And White Button Mushroom Salad

This earthy salad starring marinated mushrooms is perfect for autumn.


Chorizo, Corn & Portabellini Bowls

Throughout history, versions of portabellini mushrooms have been used in many different ancient cultures. In Egypt, they were revered by the Egyptians, who believed the mushrooms gave the consumer special powers or eternal life. In Rome, they were often classified as the “food of the Gods” and in Russian and Mexican folklore, mushrooms gave people superhuman strength. In addition to cultural folklore, the mushrooms were used in traditional Chinese medicine to help regulate the body’s energy and to increase milk production for breastfeeding mothers.


Drinks To Try In The Chilling Parts Of The World

If you live in an area that experiences extreme winters, you know just how crucial it is to know how to stay warm and comfortable through the cold season. In addition to wearing warm clothing, staying indoors and putting the heating system on, a hot beverage can be a perfect way to keep warm.


Pop Legend Pink Jams To Cabernet Franc In Santa Barbara

Megastar singer Alecia Moore -better known as Pink – makes wine in Santa Barbara under her Two Wolves label, but her old-school inspirations are the Loire and Bordeaux. Wine Spectator senior editor James Molesworth caught up with the megastar recently to talk about what brought her to wine, her old-school vigneron inspirations and the mad-scientist experiments she’s working on now.


Hyped-Up: 3 Coffee Protein Smoothie and Shake Recipes

If you hit the gym, you know how important it is to get all your protein is. You also know that a nice kick of caffeine is a good way to jumpstart your training, providing that much more energy and a push towards hitting those goals and making those gains.


Party Drinks Don’t Have To Be All Alcoholic – Ideas For Non-Drinkers

Parties are more often than not associated with alcoholic beverages and the giddy buzz that comes with them. However, in case plenty of your guests are not crazy about alcohol and prefer not to indulge for various reasons, you should have some non-alcoholic cocktails on hand so that they can enjoy themselves, just as the rest.


Bake dope cookies and brownies with your vaping leftovers

Do you throw away the leftover material after a couple of vaping sessions? That is a mistake. It can be used to cook delicious edibles. You don’t need to be as talented and in total shape as Gordon Ramsay to make something tasty and mood-boosting. Just follow simple instructions.


Recreate This 16th Century Recipe For Chicken with Green Sauce

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This recipe was inspired by Thomas van der Noot’s recipe (1510) for chicken with “green sauce”.