Chicken with Green Sauce

From our Cape Winelands Cuisine cookbook, page 95


These glass ornament baubles filled with vodka are NOT made for your Christmas tree

Forget tinsel and plastic trinkets, this year we are celebrating Christmas with vodka baubles. Smirnoff intends to make this year’s Christmas super festive with these glass ornament baubles filled with vodka.

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Why beer tastes bad on a plane

If you travel a lot and you love beer, then you will understand the frustration: beer on planes is terrible.


Why green tea could be ruining your liver

“You need a liver transplant. This has to happen fast as you only have less than a week to live.” Jim received this shocking news from his doctor three weeks after he and his wife noticed a slight change in his health. Jim McCants’ story ran on BBC news on October 2018.


This May Be The Genetic Reason Why You Prefer To Drink Alcohol, Coffee Or Tea

A new study reveals how genetic differences explain whether you perceive alcohol, coffee or tea to taste bitter.


This Is the Healthiest Coffee You Can Drink

Hot-brewed coffee is no longer the only way to get your java fix.


Africa And Middle East Bars To Visit In 2019

If one were to imagine the most likely destination for a thriving bar and hospitality scene, the UAE might, to put it mildly, not come near the top of the list.


Delicious and Nutritious Sweet Potato Pancakes

These pancakes from bionic-bodies are made with no nasties and only use healthy ingredients! They’re super easy to whip up too, so your lazy Sunday can remain just that.


Heart Shaped Wine Glass

Nothing says “I love you” more than this heart shaped wine glass. 


The health benefits of Ceres fruit juice

South Africa’s perfect climatic conditions, together with the uniqueness of the valley, result in nature’s perfect juice. As nature intended, our 100% fruit juice is full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Ceres – Good for you, good for your health.

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