Last year, the World Health Organization hailed energy drinks a “danger to public health,” after they found consumption of such beverages is on the rise. Now, an infographic created by website claims to show exactly what happens to the body in the 24 hours after consuming an energy drink.


Like many food innovations, the origin of instant coffee has several claimants. Douwe Egberts may not be the first instant coffee to fill up our cups but it has its own interesting history, worth sharing.


Have you noticed that one cup of coffee might taste better than another even though the ingredients are the same? Making a cup of coffee using instant coffee may seem like the simplest task, however, it can be slightly more complicated, especially when you need a better-than-usual cup of coffee.


CBD is one of the most talked-about health crazes at the moment and is a compound found in the cannabis plant. Even though cannabis is known for inducing psychoactive effects, CBD is different and won’t induce any mind-altering effects but will deliver a wide variety of health benefits including pain relief, anxiety relief, antidepressant effects, and many more. Since legalization and the growing demand for CBD, there has been a lot of innovation which has resulted in a wide selection of CBD products being developed, a lot of which you can buy at Grasscity. This includes CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, topicals, and more. However, lately, CBD-infused beverages have started becoming more popular. Customers love this product and the market keeps expanding with new and unique products consistently being developed. To learn more about CBD-infused beverages, more specifically the top 5 CBD beverages in 2022 that you should try, keep reading. 


Cold beer is part of the weekend routine of most humans, with some calling it one of life’s greatest pleasures. When it’s time to relax or enjoy a moment, beer is always one of the first guests.


Up your french fries game by broiling them with a tequila-spiked cheese topping. Wonderfully decadent, sinfully delicious and simply irresistible. For those who prefer a greener diet, then these cheesy cannabis fries will make you high!


The inaugural vintage of a milestone Sauvignon blanc wine has been released by the 13 wineries of the Durbanville Wine Valley that supplied the wine for its making. While collaborations of this scale are rare, it is the region’s reputation for pioneering and award-winning Sauvignon blanc that makes this an outstanding contribution to the pantheon of South African wine.


The latest release of Org de Rac’s icon Die Waghuis 2019 red wine is not only from a new vintage but also sports a new look. This acclaimed Mediterranean-style blend from the well-known Swartland organic wine farm situated just outside the town of Piketberg is one of Org de Rac’s most awarded wines and is crafted from a unique blend of Grenache (40%), Shiraz (38%) and Mourvèdre (17%) with the 5% balance made-up from the white Verdelho grape.


Like any ice lolly, the most important part of nailing a perfectly refreshing and delicious booze-infused ice popsicle is the ingredients. Ice lollies are just a couple of liquids mixed together, so if the flavour profile isn’t right, there’s nothing left for the treat to hide behind. However, consistency is also a huge part of a successful freeze. Nobody wants a runny ice lolly that melts before they can finish it, right?


Sangria on a hot sunny day is incredibly refreshing. Whether you serve up carafes with this goodness at your next party or add a recipe tag and resent it as a gift, there are many ways to celebrate this refreshing summer beverage.