Decadent and fluffy, this White Chocolate Fondant recipe from Rietvallei’s farm kitchen in Robertson, is all you need when you have a craving for white chocolate. Impress your dinner guests and pair it with Rietvallei Muscadel.


The world of wine is constantly evolving, and one of the most recent trends in the industry is the rise of natural wines. Natural wines are produced using minimal intervention from the winemaker and are made using organic or biodynamic farming practices. These wines are often described as being more authentic to the grapes and terroir, with a unique character that reflects the natural flavors and aromas of the grapes.


A Spain Court has sentenced two people to four and half years in prison after the theft of €1.6m (£1.4m) worth of expensive wine from a high-end restaurant at the Atrio hotel in the city of Cáceres in a heist that made headlines around the globe.


Wine and mixed drinks are becoming increasingly popular in backyards across the United States, making it necessary to bring more than just a container full of beer to today’s barbecues. 


All across the world, countless people participate in the excitement that comes from many thrilling horse races throughout the year. It requires lots of skill and analysis to succeed, as results are heavily impacted by factors such as form, going, and performance history. 


How do you get Millennials and Gen-Z to invest in wine? A question on the lips of many wine producers and marketers around the globe.


Impress your dinner guests with this deliciously fluffy White Chocolate Souffle. Step up your game and pair it with a sweet Muscadel wine from Rietvallei Wine Estate in Robertson, South Africa.


Churros dunked in a chocolate chili sauce, paired with our Rietvallei Shiraz. Pairing wines with dessert has never been better.


You deserve a party once in a while. After all, you work hard – week in and week out. Between all the endless responsibilities of adult life, you need to carve out some time for yourself somewhere once in a while. After all, all work and no play…well, you know the rest.


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