Top Reasons To Start Drinking Australian Wines: And How Best To Consume Them

Choosing the best wines in the world is largely a personal decision. Of course, France has long been perceived as the home of the finest wines. However, many places are offering high-quality wines, such as California, and Australia.

In fact, you may be surprised at the array of award winning Australian wines on offer. Wines such as the 2018 Tempranillo and the 2021 Fiano offer deep flavours and rich overtones.

It’s worth noting that Australians make wine from an array of grapes, sometimes they are globally sourced and help to ensure each wine has its own distinctive flavour. There is a lot to choose from.

The Variety

The Tempranillo uses grapes from the hilltops of New South Wales, it’s matured in American and French Oak caskets and has a rich finish. It’s the perfect example of the variety offered by Australian wines. The Tempranillo goes beautifully with almost any Spanish dish you can think of.

If you prefer something with more of a French feel then the Indenture Cabernet Sauvignon is certain to interest you. It also uses grapes from NSW but, thanks to the French oak caskets, spicy fruit flavour, and a flicker of dark berries, this wine stands well against the classic French brands.

That’s just two of the award-winning Australian wines and perfectly illustrates the variety available, which you should be tasting.

Small Wineries

Because the Australian wine industry is comparatively young, there are still plenty of small family winemakers. They grow their own grapes and do all the work themselves.

Adopting this approach means there are fewer opportunities for things to go wrong in the production process. Small-scale productions with family members that care about the quality of the product mean you get the best results, every time.

This means the quality of the wines is personally assured, guaranteeing you the best possible flavours. In addition, you never know when you’ll get a classic worth keeping.

Whether you’re based in Australia or somewhere else in the world, purchasing Australian wines supports the small wineries, many of which were badly affected by the spate of serious wildfires.

Of course, there is also a selection of larger wine-producing companies. Their products are also worth trying.


Grapevines first arrived from Europe in 1788.Since then, the industry has grown and Australia now has the sixth-largest wine-producing industry in the world.

More importantly, Australian wines have developed a reputation for consistency. In other words, you know what flavour to expect every time.

That’s particularly beneficial when you’re planning a special occasion or looking to pair the right wine with your food choices.


Recent global events have placed a strain on economies around the globe. The result has been economic uncertainty and many people are more cautious about spending money.

Fortunately, because the Australian wine industry is relatively young, the wines still have very affordable price tags. That makes them an attractive option for anyone looking to enjoy a drink with a meal.

For example, the 2021 Nebbiolo, with its traditional rose petal and tar character, is available for under 40 dollars.

Lack Of Regulations

Regulations are generally seen as a good thing. They help to ensure businesses reach specific standards and can ensure fair competition.

However, there are very few regulations on the Australian wine industry. This allows winemakers to produce the wine the way they want to.

More importantly, winemakers are free to harvest grapes when they feel they will best suit their wine, not during a pre-determined harvesting season.

It’s a large part of the reasons Australian wines are so diverse and also so consistent.

Summing Up

Australian wines are worth trying. There is enough variety you’ll find something to go with all your favourite meals, simply stick to your traditional habits regarding consumption.

Naturally, the best award-winning Australian wines also provide tips to help you match their wine with specific types of food. 

However, you should also remember that everyone is unique. Feel free to mix it up, pair the wine you like with a meal and enjoy the experience.

One thing is certain, you’ll be impressed by the quality of the wine and will want to try more.