Wine and mixed drinks are becoming increasingly popular in backyards across the United States, making it necessary to bring more than just a container full of beer to today’s barbecues. 


A welcome breeze of normality ushers in 2023 – we’re back to unfettered happy hours, leisurely late-night opening, and the cocktail culture going from strength to strength. While classic ingredients such as ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters are as essential to the barman’s repertoire as ever, cocktail trends are evolving with creative twists, riffs and flashes of genius that may or may not make the mainstream… beetroot Margarita anyone?


If you’re a newbie to the casino scene, it can be confusing as to the etiquette of casinos – especially what you should drink. Is it acceptable to sit at a roulette table with a pint? Should you have a cocktail? Or maybe something a bit stronger?


The winter season is upon us, and that means Christmas and New Year are barreling quickly towards businesses of all shapes and sizes. Stores of all kinds are decorating their property with festive cheer, stores are filling their shelves with special edition products and gifts, and restaurants and bars are rolling out their festive season menu. 


You deserve a party once in a while. After all, you work hard – week in and week out. Between all the endless responsibilities of adult life, you need to carve out some time for yourself somewhere once in a while. After all, all work and no play…well, you know the rest.


Irish or not, St Patrick’s Day is a big celebration for a lot of people. And like most celebrations, that means drinks. Even better – it means themed drinks. Whether you like fancy cocktails or you like to keep things simple and old fashioned (or whether you just like an Old Fashioned cocktail), there’s something for everybody. In fact, there’s plenty of choice and no need for two people to be drinking the same thing – unless they want to, of course.


According to a recent survey done by Easy Weddings magazine, 80% of couples buy alcoholic drinks for their wedding, and Champagne is still the most popular option for the toasts. 50% of wedding guests will drink beer and 30% will drink wine. There has been a big trend, however, in couples choosing signature drinks and cocktails for their wedding – it is a way of personalizing their big day. It is also popular to pick drinks that have been favorites throughout a couple’s relationship or to tie in with the story of their engagement. Generic beer brands are out of fashion at weddings, and instead, unique alcoholic drinks are a part of the celebration. 


Looking to prepare a truly special dinner? Then we’ve got you covered.


There is nothing better than drinking your favorite drink while playing your favorite casino game. When gambling at the most reputable casinos, you can find a wide variety of different drink choices, ranging from regular coffee to strong alcoholic drinks like whiskey and cocktails. However, since there are many options available, players can sometimes find it hard to decide what to order. 


In the nineties, only around 15% of whiskey drinkers were female. That number has changed as more women are discovering a taste for a drink that has traditionally often been seen as the preserve of males. Now, the ratio for female/male whiskey drinkers is closer to 40/60. And the demand for whiskey is growing.