Lights dimmed, people buzzing, and old-school music floating like a chiffon scarf in the air. You stride up to the bar and catch the bartender’s eye. “One Bees Knees, please,” you say. The bartender, with a quirk in their eyebrows, nods and begins to mix the drink. Enter the world of old cocktails—the Gin Rickey, the Blue Blazer, and let’s not forget–the Bees Knees.


In the heart of culinary arts, where flavor meets innovation, Chef George Duran shines like a beacon. His creations, rooted in tradition yet infused with modern twists, have garnered him a spot in the Hall of Fame among food lovers. His latest masterpiece? A timeless Watermelon Cocktail, and like every Duran delicacy, there’s a tale to tell.


A casino night out is a thrilling and luxurious experience that combines the excitement of gaming with world-class dining. While the games and ambiance are undeniably captivating, the tantalizing array of drinks and dishes further enhances the overall enjoyment.


Who doesn’t love a game night with their closest friends and family? When we all live such busy lives, it can be hard to get a date on the calendar that works for everyone – but when you are able to do this, it could be the beginning of a memorable and fun night with the people who mean the most to you. If it’s impossible to get everyone together in the same space, hosting a virtual game night over Skype or Zoom could be the next best thing.


Have you ever wondered whether you share your favourite firewater with someone famous? Maybe it’s the humble can of beer, or cup of store bought sake, or maybe it’s just the opposite– the glittering Springbank Whiskey; the wide and varied world of alcohol surely has a drop to suit almost every palette, and famous drinkers are wide ranging too. Iconic painters, powerful politicians, great orators of the theatre, and fashion design extraordinaires all imbibe and enjoy a drink– Absinthe was a common subject of Picasso’s paintings, while the American author, William Faulkner, went so far as to attribute civilization to distillation. 


Corporate events are a great excuse to let loose and celebrate with your colleagues. And what’s a party without great food and drinks? Here are some of the top catering trends for corporate events that are sure to keep your guests well-fed and happy, with a special focus on drinks.


The South African launch of ANGOSTURA® orange bitters and ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters was a sparkling occasion with liberal dashes of dramatic flair, from the classy cocktails to the cutting-edge laser light show.


When it comes to cocktails, presentation is just as important as taste. A beautifully crafted drink can set the mood and elevate the drinking experience. One ingredient that can make all the difference in creating stunning cocktails is whip cream chargers. 


laying casino card games and slots will always be fun and exciting. This is especially true if you are in a big and luxurious establishment where gambling is done in style. However, casino features alone aren’t always enough to have a memorable time. Sometimes you need a drink or two to get into the right mood and spread positive vibes. However, you shouldn’t just pick drinks at random, those who want to get the best experience possible, know that only specific drinks are for casino gaming nights. 


While weddings are fun, wedding photos can get boring fast. Everyone seems to be doing the same things, and if you aren’t creative, your wedding album can be dull. Most wedding reception photos include your wedding cake, chocolate fountain, and cake cutting. However, you can take things a notch higher with pretty cocktails. They make a party more exciting and can be excellent conversation starters.