A Timeless Elixir: Chef George Duran’s Watermelon Creation with Wonder Juice

In the heart of culinary arts, where flavor meets innovation, Chef George Duran shines like a beacon. His creations, rooted in tradition yet infused with modern twists, have garnered him a spot in the Hall of Fame among food lovers. His latest masterpiece? A timeless Watermelon Cocktail, and like every Duran delicacy, there’s a tale to tell.

The star of our story is Wonder Juice™. This brand-new parent brand envelops a series of 100% cold-pressed juice brands: the invigorating Wonder Melon™, the zesty Wonder Lemon™, and the earthy Beetology. Each brand, while distinct in its flavors, shares a commitment to health, purity, and unparalleled taste.

Wonder Melon™, in particular, champions the refreshing essence of watermelons. These juicy gems, with a hydration quotient of a whopping 92%, are nature’s elixir for those sun-scorched days. But hydration isn’t the only gift they bestow. Laden with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, watermelons are a boon for digestion, heart health, and blood pressure.

Let’s witness how Chef Duran fuses this pure essence into a drink that’s both a delight to the senses and a nod to wellness.

Crafting Chef Duran’s Watermelon Elixir


  • Ice
  • 4 bottles of Wonder Melon™ cold-pressed juice
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 1/4 cup agave syrup
  • 1 cup lemon seltzer (for tranquil moments)
  • 1 cup vodka (for a spirited touch)
  • Lemon slices and fresh mint for garnish


1. Begin with a spacious glass pitcher, filled halfway with ice.

2. Gently pour in the Wonder Melon™ juice, a burst of nature’s best. Blend in the tangy lemon juice and sweet agave syrup.

3. Now, cater to your mood: lemon seltzer for a calming mocktail or vodka for an animated cocktail.

4. Stir gracefully and serve, each glass adorned with lemon slices and aromatic mint.

Reflecting on his creation, Chef Duran shares, “Creating is about passion, and with brands like Mighty Sesame Tahini, Absolutely Gluten Free, and the Wonder Juice™ range, it’s about merging that passion with authenticity.”

Laura Morris, Associate Marketing Director of Kayco Beyond, adds, “It’s a marvel, how Chef Duran weaves his magic, especially when complemented by the authenticity of the Wonder Juice™ lineup.”

For the curious at heart, more awaits at drinkwonderjuices.com or through the vibrant captures on @WonderMelonJuice on Instagram. Dive in, for a world of pure refreshment beckons.