I love a good takedown as much as anyone, but please (borrowing the words of Dolly) please, I beg of you: leave espresso martinis alone.


There are a lot of questions as to where exactly rum was “invented” originally.  Rum has been around since ancient times. Nothing if not old, it is practically forced to walk with a (sugar) cane. Though it wasn’t first distilled in plantations until the 17th century, rum is believed to have existed thousands of years prior in the form of brum, a drink made by the Malay people. In the 14th century, Marco Polo, an explorer, wrote about a wine made of sugar, giving further credence to the belief that rum was around before the 1600s.


Pimm’s is almost as British as a cup of tea. This popular summer drink is served at almost every summer event throughout Britain. The refreshing beverage is most associated with Wimbledon, but you will also find it at polo matches, the races, the Henley Royal Regatta, graduation ceremonies and every garden party. It’s certainly one of the most refreshing libations the booze world could ever bestow and it’s therefore important to know where Pimm’s was born.


The world’s largest wine cellar is something to behold. Stretching an impressive 200 km and filled with nearly 2 million bottles of wine, Mileștii Mici is the ultimate playground for wine lovers.


There are lots of ways to make coffee taste less bitter. You can add sugar or milk or you can add an egg. Yes, an EGG. It sounds weird, but science says it works.


Is there a drink-by date on whiskey? In the simplest terms, whisky lasts almost forever. Distilled spirits don’t spoil and it won’t make you sick like, say, old milk. Distilled liquor won’t turn to vinegar-like beer and wine.


Most of the process for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer is fairly similar. Both types of beer go through similar steps like making a mash and boiling the wort. Blending in the hops and fermentation happens in both of the processes. The main difference for most non-alcoholic beers is that the beer has to be heated. 


Are you a fan of Sambuca Liqueur? Ever wondered where it comes from?


Let’s be honest, no brunch is complete without a Mimosa or two alongside your Eggs Benedict. The celebratory sip with its life-giving abilities has become synonymous with a weekend well-spent. So to whom do we owe the thanks for our favourite brunch-time treat?  


The idea of putting eggs in coffee is unfamiliar to many people, maybe even strange. For others, it’s regarded as a bit of a treat, like cannabutter coffee.