The Former Estadio Gasómetro

The Estadio Gasómetro is a historic football stadium located in the Boedo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is also a chance to make online betting for horse racing, where competitions from all over the world are featured.

The stadium was the home of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro from 1916 until 1979. In this year, the club was forced to sell the stadium due to financial difficulties.

The stadium was originally constructed in 1916 and underwent several renovations over the years to increase its capacity and improve its facilities. Now you can make online betting for horse racing and football too, in events held at the most impressive venues. At its peak, Estadio Gasómetro could hold up to 75,000 spectators and was one of the largest stadiums in South America.

A historic stadium

Estadio Gasómetro was the site of many historic football matches. If you want to wager on the most exciting contests from across the world, you are welcome at the website today. Some major tournaments that were played here include:

  • the 1929 South American Championship;
  • the 1978 FIFA World Cup;
  • the Argentinian League;
  • and the Copa Argentina.

Both the South American championship and the FIFA World Cup were won by the Argentinian national side.

Why “gasómetro”?

There have been many questions regarding the name of this facility. The word “gasómetro” in Spanish literally means “gas holder” in English. Of course, naming a venue as “gas holder” is not exactly the most attractive name. Cricket also features plenty of spectacular stadiums, and you can bet on your favorite cricket team

The official name of the venue is “San Lorenzo de Almagro Stadium”. The word “gasómetro” is just used as a nickname.
To understand why this nickname was given to the stadium in the first place, we need to go back to 1928. Back then, the team decided to make a huge refurbishing of the stadium. One of the tasks done was to significantly modify its external facade. Many people claimed that this new appearance of the stadium resembled a gas holder. For this reason, the name “gasómetro” remained. You are welcome to bet on your favorite cricket or football team at 1xBet, where matches played at great venues are also featured.