Whether you engage in cosmetics, perfume, or food and beverage industries, adopting organic alcohol for your cosmetic product, perfume or drink involves a significant factor you must consider. The organic sector is expanding numerously, with more people becoming health and environmentally conscious globally. 


Bacon has been a beloved staple of breakfast plates for centuries, treasured for its umami flavour and satisfying crunch. But according to food experts, it’s also important not to underestimate bacon’s power as a brain food to keep you performing at your best throughout the day.


A group of Austrian researchers has found that a pint of beer could help stir up your creative juices and boost productivity, adding weight to a theory long-held by artists who have found their greatest muse at the bottom of a bottle.


There is no worm in tequila. It’s in mescal, a spirit beverage distilled from a different plant. And it’s not actually a worm, but a butterfly caterpillar (Hipopta Agavis) called a gurano.


Forget about traditional air fresheners or deodorisers. If you want to freshen up your home without using off-the-shelf chemical concoctions, it looks like you need to head to the liquor aisle!


Frequent toasting and tiny snacks like pickles must accompany the shots, which are always served straight and ice-cold. Since the contained ethanol lowers the freezing point drastically, there’s no fear of the liquor solidifying.


What makes you a true coffeeholic? How much do you love coffee? 


Cider is one of those beverages that offer a refreshingly fruity and astringent alternative to other drinks on the market. Many drinkers note it as tasting more or less like a typical fruit drink with no real notable alcoholic aftertaste. While it may not possess the same popularity as beers and wines, cider is still a much-loved beverage with a rich history.


Besides knowing that it hails from France and features a smoother flavour profile than an oiled-up Tom Jones (don’t picture that), the occasional bargoer won’t know much about one of the 12 types of brandy people like to call Cognac.


What lengths would you go to keep your milk fresh? Would you go so far as to drop a frog in your milk? Ancient Russian folklore suggests that that is exactly what people used to do in the days before modern refrigeration, according to this post on The Daily Meal.