Creating craft beer evokes a sense of pride for most people. It takes skill and the right tools to make beer.  However, as the equipment needed for the process becomes cheaper and easier to operate, craft beer culture has blossomed into a multi-billion dollar industry.


Drinking beer at home or while traveling has always been a great experience. However, storing the beer for later consumption or taking it along with you to share with friends has not been so great. According to Beer Snobs, cans and bottles are the most common ways to store and transport beer that we have seen for many years.


Have you ever wondered whether you share your favourite firewater with someone famous? Maybe it’s the humble can of beer, or cup of store bought sake, or maybe it’s just the opposite– the glittering Springbank Whiskey; the wide and varied world of alcohol surely has a drop to suit almost every palette, and famous drinkers are wide ranging too. Iconic painters, powerful politicians, great orators of the theatre, and fashion design extraordinaires all imbibe and enjoy a drink– Absinthe was a common subject of Picasso’s paintings, while the American author, William Faulkner, went so far as to attribute civilization to distillation. 


So, the big day is drawing near. You’ve been handed the reigns to plan the ultimate dorm party, and the pressure’s on to deliver an unforgettable night. 


Seafood doesn’t just taste good. It also contains essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the brain, heart, and immune system. Finding a decent seafood restaurant in Marseille may be relatively easy; the hard part is in finding the right fish and liquor pairing. This article serves as a quick guide on how to choose drinks to accompany seafood.


Millions of people worldwide enjoy beer. It is widely available and relatively affordable. It is accessible to most consumers. It is a social drink, often consumed in groups. You’ll find different kinds of beer at most parties and gatherings. Craft beer is a popular option. Here are ways that it differs from regular beer.


Beer brand Bud Light has been subject to bomb threats, which resulted in a bomb squad being dispatched to an Anheuser-Busch facility in Los Angeles after authorities said they had uncovered a threatening email.


laying casino card games and slots will always be fun and exciting. This is especially true if you are in a big and luxurious establishment where gambling is done in style. However, casino features alone aren’t always enough to have a memorable time. Sometimes you need a drink or two to get into the right mood and spread positive vibes. However, you shouldn’t just pick drinks at random, those who want to get the best experience possible, know that only specific drinks are for casino gaming nights. 


With too much sun exposure, your hair is more prone to breakage and a dull appearance.