With over 90 million Americans consuming it, beer is among the top three most consumed beverages together with tea and water. Some people also promote it as the perfect post-workout drink, although it can be slightly dehydrating. That will make you wonder whether it’s as helpful as other post-workout beverages like protein shakes, electrolyte drinks, and water. In this article, we discuss whether a beer is ideal for athletes and people who exercise casually.


Apollo Peak in Denver has crafted a wine for cats to drink, made with fresh beet juice, organic catnip, and natural preservatives. According to the Apollo Peak website, the non-alcoholic beverage will have a “mellowed out” effect on a kitty because of the catnip. 


This might come as a surprise, but there is something called potato juice. Have you ever?!

While drinking potato juice is one of the lesser known uses of a spud, it holds many health benefits. From applying potato juice to your specific body part to drinking it, here are some of the surprising health benefits that come with a sip of potato juice.


In an age when many of us want cleaner cosmetics products minus the harmful ingredients of decades past, a group of Italian scientists say they’ve discovered antioxidant power in some craft beers that may respond to two tell-tale signs of aging skin.

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Just about every dieter runs into obstacles when they are trying to lose weight. It’s hard to control hunger. You can have your diet foods measured to the exact number of calories and the precise grams of fat, and then you pass a doughnut shop, and all your careful diet planning goes by the wayside.


Many people nowadays are getting curious about cannabidiol, also known as CBD. Their curiosity likely stems from the popularity of the substance among many celebrities, such as Martha Stewart, who swear by the positive benefits she’s derived from using CBD, even on her pets!. However, some people may not be aware of just how CBD works within the human body.


What is a party without fun and games and, in most cases, alcohol? Of late, alcohol has been that one vital component that is needed in every party. From games to deep talks, everything is done with a beer in hand. Beer pong, Beer chugs, vodka shots all have become associated with partying. Many youngsters also mix energy drinks with alcohol for a little more oomph. Little do they know that this can be a serious hazard in terms of health. Before going into the harmful effects caused by the mixing, let us first try and understand why an increasing number of consumers are mixing their alcohol with energy drinks. The first and most important reason is that the caffeine present in energy drinks helps override the depressive effects of alcohol. So, you can get drunk without really having to get drunk. That, however, is no reason for you to put yourself in danger. Here are 3 reasons why you should avoid mixing your energy drinks with that mug of beer or any other alcohol for that matter.


Legumes – such as beans, pulses and lentils – are vital plant-based protein that offer an affordable and sustainable source of vitamins and fibre to help with growth and development. They have been shown to help manage cholesterol and blood glucose, and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, yet independent research by Tiger Brands’ Eat Well Live Well Institute shows that South Africans don’t eat enough to reap their health and nutrition benefits. In fact, legumes are one of the least consumed food groups in South Africa, even though it is recommended to eat them regularly.


Before graduating high school further education may appear very distant to some students. This is understandable as college is a huge step towards adulthood and can also be a life-changing experience.


Life can get stressful, regardless of how you spend it. Everyone has responsibilities in one form or another, and it can sometimes just get to be a bit much. Therefore, having the opportunity to take a break and unwind, if even for a short period, is nothing to scoff at. It’s an opportunity you should immediately seize if possible.