What Comes After The Aperol Spritz?

The fight to be the next big drink is already underway.


Taiwan, home of bubble tea, is latest country to ban plastic straws

Bubble tea is ubiquitous in Taiwan, but so are the thick, colorful straws used to slurp the drink. That’s not stopping the country from joining a growing number of places across the world implementing bans on single-use plastic straws.


Why Faking Positive Emotions At Work Can Lead To Heavier Alcohol Consumption

There's a downside to "service with a smile."


Pepsi Is Suing Indian Farmers For Growing Special Spuds Designed For Lay?s Chips

The humble spud is at the center of a new lawsuit pitting a major corporation against small cultivators.

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A Crisp Tom Collins Is The Perfect Way To Showcase An Excellent Gin

The Tom Collins is sometimes sneered at for being nothing more than a boozy lemonade, but it really shines when you use excellent gin.


Trump?s Tariff War Might Ensnare One Of The Most American Of Goods

“Brown-Forman could be an unfortunate and unintended victim of the policy," says Paul Varga, CEO of the Kentucky-based company that makes Jack Daniel's


Pepsi’s Ceo Says The Brand Is Designing Special “snacks For Women”

There is a flavor gap, if you will, between the genders. And this gap, business is super eager to fix.


Cape Town’s Water Shortage Crisis Is Threatening South Africa’s Wine Harvest

The water deficit triggers quotas that have cut the amount of water available at some vineyards by as much as 80%


Tea if by sea, cha if by land: Why the world only has two words for tea

With a few minor exceptions, there are really only two ways to say “tea” in the world. One is like the English term—té in Spanish and tee in Afrikaans are two examples. The other is some variation of cha, like chay in Hindi.


A new study confirms liquor makes you confident

Unofficially, everyone knows that different kinds of booze will give them a different kind of night. But now, data from one of the largest surveys on drug and alcohol use finally prove it: hard liquor gives most people that extra ~swag~.

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