Alcohol and Casinos: Exploring Players’ Alcohol Preferences

Casinos and roulette have become a source of entertainment for millions of players and part of popular culture.

The image of James Bond -— an elegant superhero who always goes in and orders his Martini cocktail (“Shaken, not stirred”) — has long been established in popular culture as a synonym for a successful man.

Such cultural phenomena affect the behavior of millions of people, and it does not matter whether a player plays online pokies or comes to a land-based casino. He wants to feel like James Bond — a winner.

In real casinos, the appropriate atmosphere prevails. Stylish clothes, risky bets, and, of course, a signature drink. But which one? Let’s find out what the preferences of avid players are.

What Do They Like to Drink in South Africa?

 But before we narrow it down, let’s talk about alcohol preferences in South Africa in general.

In many countries, research is conducted on the preferences of the local population. For example, in Australia, the most popular alcohol is wine. Some countries are famous for their breweries and leadership in beer consumption. What about South Africa?

A study by Eighty20 found that the most preferred drink of South Africans is beer (41% of those surveyed chose this particular drink). Cider, liqueur, gin, and wine also entered the top 5.

Interestingly, many people consume non-alcoholic beer, motivating them by its good taste but less harmful to health. True, three-quarters of non-alcoholic beer consumers do not give up the usual one occasionally.

“Free” drinks in the casino…but why?

Gambling establishments have their own atmosphere and rules, which may seem unusual to a newcomer. For example, in many casinos in the United States, alcohol is poured for free!

Is it right? Well, some people go to the bar and leave a lot of money there for cocktails, and in the casino, you are treated…as long as you play and make bets.

It doesn’t look so attractive anymore, and the logic of the establishment is clear. You don’t need to cite scientific research to understand that a good cocktail relaxes, adds to the player’s mood and excitement, and slightly reduces concentration.

Is it a bad thing? It depends on the purpose of your visit to the casino. We remind you that betting and casinos are ways to have fun, not to make money. Also, a complimentary cocktail adds to the mood and atmosphere for those who have come just to have a good time.

It would be fair to note that gambling establishments “treat” not only alcohol but also non-alcoholic drinks, so the choice is up to the guest.

What drink should you choose when playing in the casino?

Beer is not only the most popular alcoholic drink globally but also in demand among players. It is easy to understand its popularity in casinos: it is low alcohol, one glass can be drunk for a long time, and it relaxes but does not negatively affect concentration. Roulette and slot players love beer, but poker players should stay away from this drink, as a possible trip to the bathroom can “light up” your cards to your opponents.

Many players prefer simple cocktails with a small amount of ingredients. They are pleasant to the taste, add to the mood, and do not give any unexpected effect. Popular favorites include recognized classics such as Margarita, Rum and Coke or Mojito. Nothing you haven’t heard of.

But two cocktails hold the crown – Long Island Ice Tea and dry martini. However, you have to be as careful as possible with the first cocktail — it consists of five different types of alcohol at once.

We remind you that a casino is an opportunity to have fun and have a good time. Therefore, adjust to visiting such institutions accordingly. Don’t drink alcohol if you’re not a big fan. You can always order a glass of chilled water. The main thing is your comfort.