Alcohol is the one substance that has been consumed by nearly all adults, especially men. According to the World Health Organization, over 2.3 billion people globally are current drinkers. Also, a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that in 2019, over 139 million people in the age range of 12 years and above consumed alcohol the previous months.


Every cigar lover has probably heard about the formula of three “C”: coffee, cognac, and the cigar. However, not everyone knows that it should not be taken quite literally, and the list of alcohol combined with tobacco can be expanded. Today, we will tell you how to do it right.


Enjoyed neat or on the rocks in a tumbler glass or in a classic cocktail like the Manhattan. The latest addition to the Woodford Reserve portfolio is a home bar essential.


Woodford Reserve is typically known for their bourbon — and while that’s the majority of their product line, that’s not all they make. If you like sweeter lighter styles of whiskeys, but still want some of that rye kick, then the newly launched Woodford Kentucky Straight Rye is the exact rye for you. 


Are you an easy-going Bud Light drinker or trying to impress with a Martini?


Is there a drink-by date on whiskey? In the simplest terms, whisky lasts almost forever. Distilled spirits don’t spoil and it won’t make you sick like, say, old milk. Distilled liquor won’t turn to vinegar-like beer and wine.


Beer and dessert for breakfast? Why not?! Delicious and totally acceptable if it’s in these chocolate stout beer waffles with whiskey syrup!


Traditionally, sake is the preferred pairing for sushi, but with people constantly looking for new and interesting ways to spice up their meals, the sushi-whisky combo is quickly crossing culinary borders.


Born in Ireland, Tullamore D.E.W is produced by William Grant & Sons. It is the second largest selling brand of Irish whiskey globally, with sales of over 1,500,000 cases per annum as of 2020.


Glenfiddich, the award-winning single malt Scotch whisky, announced the launch of Grande Couronne, the newest addition to its opulent Grand Series. Grande Couronne is a 26 year old whisky, matured in