Hailey Bieber looked ready for business (and tequila) in New York City on Wednesday. The 25-year-old wife of Justin Bieber met up with her best pal Kendall Jenner to ‘test’ new tequila cocktails over lunch in the Big Apple.


Pope Francis has been dealing with an injured knee for weeks and the 85-year-old Argentinian made a special request to help the strained ligaments. Doctors have prescribed a wheelchair, cane and physiotherapy to help heal Pope Francis’s bad knee. The Pope, however, believes there’s a quicker way to fix his aches and pains.


Many celebrities like to drink. Whether it is a great bottle of Bordeaux or a pricey brandy on the rocks. Some celebrities have even been known to drink a little too much at exactly the wrong time.


World-famous comedian and entertainer Kevin Hart has entered the celebrity booze game with the launch of his own tequila brand. Gran Coramino is made in partnership with an 11th-generation tequila maker named Juan Domingo Beckmann, whose family has been in the tequila-making business for over 250 years.


The “first Monday in May” might’ve been the most anticipated fashion event of the year, but the Met Gala afterparties were the real star of the show, so it was only right that the beverage of the night matched that energy.


Shaken, not stirred. Say those three words and most people know exactly who you’re talking about. It’s how British Secret Service agent James Bond takes his martini cocktail but what’s a secret agent without a super nemesis? From the steel beast jaws to the man with the golden touch, here are the three Bond villains I would like to drink a martini with.


There’s always a party going on in Las Vegas, but at Evel Pie, a pizza parlor and bar named after famed American daredevil Evel Knievel, party met protest over the weekend in the form of an event where customers could purchase $300 bottles of Russian-produced vodka to dump out in gutters and toilets.


Russian Bear Vodka has disassociated itself from Russia. After the current conflict in Ukraine, trade between Russia and South Africa has become a concern for many consumers. The vodka brand decided to make it clear that Russian Bear vodka brand has absolutely no affiliation or link to Russia whatsoever.


Anybody who is anybody has a tequila these days and that includes LeBron James.


Food is the power source that fuels our bodies so that we can perform at optimum levels. The NFL is highly demanding both physically, and mentally, and therefore NFL players need to eat right in order to produce the goods when they go out onto the field. Supporters want their players to perform to the best of their ability so that their team can succeed, and states with legal sports betting shown here have punters who need the players to play well for their bets to win. So, we are going to look into the food that fuels these athletes, and which NFL diets have caught on with the general public.