A Champagne Cocktail for Ringing in the New Year

There’s no better way to ring in the new year than with a toast over a flute of bubbly, but this year you can surprise your guests by adding a little twist!


Bitters for Beginners

The #BittersForBeginners video tutorial series demonstrates just how quick and easy it is to make the most delicious bittered mocktails and cocktails!


#ThatExtraDash with Gareth Wainwright

This year, Angostura’s That Extra Dash series takes a look at the rise of some of SA’s top bartenders and provides insights for up-and-comers to take note of.


Home Entertaining Festive Season Pairings with Angostura aromatic bitters

Aromatic bitters have been considered an essential ingredient behind the bar as far back as the first recorded cocktail recipes of the 1800’s. However, more and more, bitters are being used as a key ingredient in the kitchen; and none more so than Angostura aromatic bitters.


That Extra Dash with Julian Short

This year, Angostura’s That Extra Dash series is taking an in-depth look at the rise of some of SA’s top bartenders. In this interview, we speak to award-winning bartender, Julian Short.


How To Mix A Classic Daquiri

Mix your own Classic Daquiri


How To Mix A Rock Shandy

Mix your own Rock Shandy


15 Cocktail Trends To Consider For 2020

With close on two hundred years of experience producing aromatic bitters, The House of Angostura has been at the forefront of the cocktail industry since the creation of the very first long drink. Over the years, the brand itself has become a household name as a supporter of industry talent around the globe and the producer of an Amaro aperitif and some of the best rums in the world. As a mainstream brand in the industry, Angostura has its finger on the pulse… so, let’s talk trends for the coming year.


Add Some Bitters To Your Summer Snacks

These quick and easy Angostura bitters snacks will tickle your taste buds on a hot summers day.


Finalist, Martin Strobos’ AGCC 2020 Cocktail Recipes that shook the SA Nationals!

Taking third place in the AGCC South Africa National Leg, Martin Strobos is no newcomer to the cocktail industry.  Stationed behind the bar for almost 20 years, he’s mastered the art of mixology in more ways than one while travelling the world and learning from some of the best in the field.