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Beer As A Post-Workout Recovery Drink? Not As Crazy As It Sounds

There may be some good news brewing for fitness and beer enthusiasts:


Coffee in Italy

The birth of Italian coffee culture Surprisingly, coffee did not immediately become popular in Italy. It was first brought to Venice from Istanbul in the 16th century and received an extremely negative response from the church. It was considered a devilish invention for several reasons. The priests were confused by the origin of the drink from Muslim countries, as well as the powerful stimulating effect that it has on the human body. All of this was seen as evidence of Satan’s tricks. Only after Pope Clement VIII tried and approved the magic drink, coffee in Italy began to gain incredible popularity. In 1640, the first coffee shop was opened in Venice (now it is called Florian), and by 1768 there were already 218. For comparison, in England the first such establishment appeared in 1652, and in Vienna only in 1683 …


The Celebrity Instagram Account That All Tea Lovers Must Follow

It’s hard to explain, but in order to sleep at night, I need to believe that Adam Sandler is a nice person. He just has to be. Surely the man who gave us the Hanukkah song and Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer, not to mention his more highbrow turns in Punch Drunk Love, Uncut Gems and The Meyerowitz Stories, is a cut above his fellow Hollywood multimillionaires. Surely a man known for playing lovable losers and wearing basketball shorts to premieres sees through the bullshit.


Get Watermelon Sugar High Like Harry Styles With This Non-alcoholic Slushie

Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin’
And it sounds just like a song…

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Two Benguela Cove Syrah Vintages hit the Shiraz SA Top 20

Benguela Cove Estate, located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the Walker Bay region, has won a Top 12 Champion award for its Estate Syrah 2018. The event is organised by Shiraz SA, the largest cultivar organisation in South Africa with over 230 members. 


Brampton Wine Drops Female Power Playlist To Celebrate All Things WOMXN

Enjoying Brampton wine wouldn’t be the same without the legendary studio playlist, and for that reason we’ve curated all our favourite studio jams in one cool location for you to enjoy at home, in a queue and well, anywhere you need a little musical inspiration and a Brampton pick-me-up. 

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Sanparks Accommodation Opens To Intra-provincial Residents

South African National Parks (SANParks) has announced that accommodation in the majority of parks will be open from 14 August 2020. Guided Overland Safari


The Powerhouse Collab Bringing A Weekly Culinary Nosh-up To Your Home


Restaurants In Kempton Park

Kempton Park is one of the largest suburbs on the East Rand. As such, it boasts a number of restaurants,... Read More


Snoop Dogg Enlists Martha Stewart To Promote ’19 Crimes’ Wine, And The Irony Is Fabulous

Snoop Dogg posed for a photo alongside Martha Stewart to promote a wine brand that Snoop recently partnered with. In a hysterically ironic social media post, Snoop Dogg posed for a photo alongside


Enjoy A Getaway At One Of These Cape Town Hotels

For many of us, the past five months has felt a bit like Groundhog Day. The lockdown due to the COVID-9 pandemic has confined us to the same space day in


Recipe: Carrot Cake By Chef Lorenzo Landauer

Recipe: Carrot cake by chef Lorenzo Landauer


Tequila Don Julio Presents: Summer On With Don

/PRNewswire/ -- Summer isn't dependent on the destination, it's a mindset. No matter what the location, you're doing summer right as long as you have great...