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Oprah Hands Out Shots In Her Pajamas

You get a shot! And, you get a shot! Everyone gets a shot!


How To Pair Wine With Desserts At Your Wedding

What’s a wedding without wine? Raising a toast on this special day symbolizes sharing the richness of life, and the sweetness of love with your special someone, family, and friends.


Experience The Spirit, Festivities, And Fruits Of Harvest Season At La Motte Wine Estate

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A winery is a hive of activity during harvest time: monstrous clanking machinery crushes great vat-loads of freshly-picked grapes, water sluices from altitudinous metal networks of walkways as tanks the size of elephants are cleaned in preparation, and workers tramp about in heavy boots with looks of fierce focus on their sun-beaten faces.


Go On A Wine Treasure Hunt At Benguela Cove

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Discover all the Benguela Cove cellar gems on a wine treasure hunt while enjoying a fun day with family and friends. There will be 20 different wines to taste at different locations and it is up to you to collect all the gems to win a treasure. This special tasting includes the latest vintages, the artisanal range


Pics: Coca-cola Rewards School Recyclers

Just under 800 schools throughout KZN and 700 000 pupils took part in the 2018 Schools' Recycling Programme (SRP), conducted by Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA). The company held a regional aw


Iconic Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Dies

Celebrated fashion designer and Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld has died at the age of 85...


Love And Alchemy With Mixologist Jesse Chinn

Your Definitive Guide to the City of Gold


Water Leaves Bad Taste In Capetonians’ Mouths

Residents of the Mother City may have noticed a strange taste and smell coming from their water recently, and although this is understandably disturbing for many, it is in fact due to a harmless natur


Instagrammers, Don’t Miss The Slurp-worthy Shakes And Picture-perfect Burgers At Gibson’s

Seated at one of the best tables an Instagrammer could ask for at the V&A Waterfront, with a view over both the harbour and across the Cape Wheel to the lightly-clouded Table Mountain, Gibson's Go


How Do You Eat A Rainbow? Follow This Easy Recipe For A Rainbow Superfood Salad Bowl

A deliciously healthy summer salad.


Top 10 Restaurant Offers Vegan-friendly Wine List


Diamond Thug On The Cure, Cosmic Wolfs And Convos Of The Universe

Dreamy indie pop band Diamond Thug will be adding their unique celestial electronica/psychedelic-rock to the upcoming Rock On The Lawns lineup, alongside headliner English pop rock icons The Cure...


Reimagined Menu Debuts At Banana Cabana Poolside Bar In Disney’s…

Ever since Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort went through its massive overhauling, its dining locations have suffered from a slight identity crisis. The resort's pool bar, Banana Cabana, has changed its