Annual Harvest Event At Benguela Cove

Join us at Benguela Cove in Hermanus for our eagerly anticipated Annual Harvest Event. This special day is an invitation to explore the art of winemaking, from the vine to the bottle, complemented by exceptional culinary experiences. Set aside Saturday, 2nd March, for a unique adventure in one of South Africa’s most renowned wine estates.

  • Saturday, 02 March 2024, 10:00-12:30
  • R950 per person including grape picking, Vineyard safaris, lunch and a Cellar tour
  • Welcome Amidst the Vines: Our day commences at 10:00 AM in The Tasting Room, where the story of vine and vintage unfolds. 
  • The Vineyard Safari: At 10:30 AM, we venture into the heart of our estate. Aboard our safari vehicles, embrace the vineyard’s bounty, hand-selecting the fruits of our labour. 
  • Cellar Discovery: At 11:30 AM, delve into the cellar’s depths, where craft meets cask. Witness the transformation from grape to glass. 
  • Culinary Harmony: From 12:30 PM, a curated menu awaits—whether the Harvest feast, each dish complements the day’s essence. 
  • For more information and to book your spot click here