Rooibos tea may be an acquired taste for some, but many learn to love it in no time. With many proven benefits and zero caffeine, rooibos is a great replacement for pure teas. To get the most benefits, you should be enjoying the tea you are drinking. Thankfully, rooibos is an extremely versatile tea and you can use it in many ways. Use it as an herbal infusion when cooking or add some rooibos to your morning smoothie.


Give a gift that will have the guy in your life smelling awesome and will also make use of that last shot of rum hiding in your liquor cabinet. Mix together this fragrant concoction with the help of the ends of seasonings and orange peels, ensuring that absolutely nothing goes to waste. And this aromatic balm costs hardly anything to toss together, making it a really unique and memorable gift for any handsome fellow. Use a repurposed glass bottle, and your aftershave looks like you picked it up from a chic boutique.


When we talk about beer storage, we talk about maintaining the taste and the preservation of the beer’s freshness. The temperature by which the beer is stored is the most crucial part of the whole procedure.


Woking together brings love and builds strong relationships with one another. With Covid and omicron on the run, the world appears to be in a state of flux. The virus is not spread through food but through prolonged personal contact. Even though we have been encouraged to socially distance ourselves, baking and sharing baked goods feels like a neighborly tradition to follow. 


Weddings can be ridiculously expensive. Once you’ve paid for the flowers, photographer, caterers, wedding drinks and venue, the costs can rack up pretty quickly. And that’s not to mention the dress.


We have all been there before- the lead weight on the top of your frontal lobe, the feeling in the pit of your stomach that you have been at sea for a week and, the distinct feeling that you might feel you need to part ways with whatever is attempting to navigate that said sea in your gut.


Just add vodka and wait 4 weeks. Ok not quite, but making your own coffee liqueur at home is rather straight forward. You can even bottle your creation and call it Espresso Martini On The Go.


Are you looking for some fun drink themes for your next night in? Whether you’re playing host or simply want to have something to drink while relaxing at home, these recipes are perfect for you! With drinks ranging from fruity and refreshing to strong and sultry, there’s something for everyone. So, give one of these tasty recipes a try and enjoy your next night in!


What better way to celebrate life’s milestones than with a drinks party? Read on for top party theme ideas.


From creative outdoor bottle trees and garden edging to vases and serving platters made from flattened wine bottles, upcycling empties are trendy and hip. Like these loungers made from recycled wine bottles, water bottles and tins. Time to start thinking outside the bin!