Best Refreshments for Your Online Casino Night With Friends

While Friday nights poker with friends remain a popular way to hang out, sometimes distance can prevent best friends from enjoying a game. But, thanks to online casinos, that distance could mean nothing. And why pick Friday only? Many people play poker, slots, or blackjack against each other or dealers on any day of the week, branding it online casino night where they take some steam off. This is best done with tasty snacks and a few refreshments.

While we wouldn’t condone drinking and playing, having a beer or a light cocktail during online casino night with friends adds to the social element. In the guide below, we’ll give you the best refreshment for your online casino night with friends escapades.

Long Island Iced Tea

Let’s start the list with one of the most popular drinks you can have in Las Vegas casinos. The Long Island Iced Tea is not an ice tea at all. On the contrary, most variants include votka, dry gin, tequila, and liquers, so if you’re a lightweight, you should limit yourself to one or two drinks. Nevertheless, it’s a perfect choice for an online casino night with friends, especially when having a friendly poker competition or a slots tournament. Online casinos these days are loaded with games, and it would be a shame not to try them all. Just like with the refreshments on this list.


Screwdriver is one of the casino classics thanks to the exciting fruity taste. Do you know the story behind it? In the middle of the XX century, American workers in the Persian Gulf snuck vodka into their orange juice drinks to spice things up on the job. To mix it up, they used a screwdriver because they lacked spoons. What was a simple drink back then grew into one of the most popular cocktails in the world. It’s one of the simplest cocktails – just mix up some vodka and orange juice to taste and sip in a highball glass. It’s tasty, a bit spiky, and will keep your blood sugar in range for the online casino challenges ahead.

Vesper Martini

We all know what superspy James Bond drinks in casinos – martini; shaken, not stirred. The Vesper Martini puts a unique twist to the drink, being named after Bond’s love interest in Casino Royale. It is made with 3 measures of gin with a shot of vodka and half a shot of ice. Of course, it’s one again shaken instead of being stirred, and served with a few lemon slices. It’s a dry martini classic and a perfect company for an online casino night with friends. This drink has the power of casino imbued within, and is a regular at casino parties.

Gloom Chaser

It might sound ominous, but this casino drink is anything but. It includes lemon and grenadine juice mixed up with some orange Curacao and Grand Marnier in equal parts. When you think of it, it has the perfect name – to chase the gloom away. It may be the perfect drink when you’re having a stroke of bad luck against your friends in a game of blackjack or poker online. Of course, if you intend to make it, buy a nice glass. That incredible red hue is only acceptable in the right glassware – Styrofoam or plastic take the magic away. Just like the shape of a wine glass matters, so does the right glassware for cocktails.

Monte Carlo

This one puts the magic of Monte Carlo’s deluxe casinos in a glass. It may be simple to prepare, but it’s still strong and delicious. It takes a bit of time to find the right ingredients. You’ll need rye, Benedictine, Peychaud’s bitters and angostura bitters. Unlike martinis, the ingredients need to be stirred, not shaken. Afterwards, strain and pour them in a whisky or cocktail glass and serve with lemon or a slice of orange. Enjoy the drink, but don’t have too many – it’s for those with a stronger stomach.


Cocktails may be delicious, but let’s face the facts – most of us will have a beer or two on online casino night. Nothing wrong with it – it’s the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage for a reason. The good thing about beers is that there are many varieties for all drinkers. There are lighter and stronger beers, as well as flavored beers. We’d go with a classic beer, but hey, it’s your choice.

A cold brewski with friends is a top social occasion, and it perfectly fits the bill for online casino nights too.

Poker Face

You can’t play poker without this cocktail. Well, you can obviously, but it’s simply not the right vibe. Poker Face is a popular cocktail in Las Vegas and perfect company for an online casino night with friends. It’s light too, containing two shots of tequila, a shot of triple sec, a twist of lemon, and three shots of pineapple juice. It’s the perfect drink for a warm summer night and a challenge with your friends at the top online casinos.


Would any top beverage list be complete without a margarita. No, it wouldn’t. It’s one of the top cocktails in the world and a light one too. It’s delicious too and refreshing, containing tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and lime wedges for décor. The great thing about the margarita is that you can experiment to your taste. You can make it by mixing all drinks in a glass, or blend it all up and serve as a slushie. Whatever you prefer, it’s one of the top drinks for online casino night with friends.


Refreshing, tasty, and not too strong – Mojito is an ideal drink for lightweights and casual drinkers. You need white rum, lime juice, soda water, mint, and sugar to prepare it. Served in a Cuban highball glass, the Mojito is an amazing drink for the summer. It has a tangy taste with sweetness from the sugar that gives it a unique twist.