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Drunken Candy Apples Are The Latest Treat Every Adult Deserves

Is it time for a visit to the dentist again? If so, why not take a bite out of these delicious looking Drunken Candy Apples before your next appointment and give the poor sot something substantial to do.


Sweet and Sour Pumpkin and Lamb Stew

Before Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas in 1494, cooks following the Persian-Arabian culinary tradition had to rely on a type of calabash pumpkin that couldn’t be used when ripe (the pumpkin dried out and became hollow as it ripened).


Why white wine could be doing you more harm than you think

As a nation, the UK drinks more white wine than any other colour.


This Couple Has Created The Largest Pizza Slice You’ve Ever Seen

Pizza has probably saved millions of relationships across the world.


The History Of The Hamburger And What To Drink With It

28 May marks International Hamburger Day. The origin of one of the world’s most favourite menu items is not very clear.


Mini Burger on a Stick

Looking to beef up your cocktail-hour?


Amazing Vodka Facts That Will Change Your Life Forever

Hey, guys! Do you like drinking every once in a while? Come on, I swear I’m not gonna tell your mom. How ‘bout some tequila? Or brandy? Rum, huh? Oh, so we’re going full Russian today, I see…But wait, is it really their stuff or just one of the biggest clichés? I guess we’re about to find out. Keep tracking for those myths and facts about one of the ultimate drinks in the Universe.


Deep-Fried Tequila Is Your Next Boozy Obsession

A live music venue in Melbourne, Australia is serving deep-fried tequila shots to spirit loving music enthusiasts.


Step aside Avolatte, the Cocolatte is here to bust your nut

This week the internet was in a disgust-buzz over a Melbourne cafe’s invention, now known as the infamous Avolatte.


Egg Frittata Breakfast Muffins

We’re here to tell you that these Egg Frittata Breakfast Muffins are the most wonderful gift to your mornings. How gorgeous is it to grab one of these on your way out the door?

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