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Wines That Pair Best With Your Child’s Crappy Behavior

There is a lot of science that goes behind deciding which wine goes best with your chicken, seafood or steak dinner, but what if I was to tell you which wine would go best with the kind of day you experienced?


5 Reasons Tequila is Good for your Health

Good news to lovers of tequila. Recent studies have shown that the boozy drink is actually good for your health.


A café in Johannesburg is serving coffee in ice-cream cones

Exciting news: we may just have found the most instagrammable cup of coffee Jozi has to offer.


How to drink wine without looking dumb or going broke

Wine can be difficult. It comes into the room all puffed up and scholarly like your tweedy cousin who graduated from Yale and yammers endlessly about geography, horticulture, technique, and all the rest.


The world’s best whisky just released a fresh batch

Suntory, the Japanese whisky maker that notably sent its product to space,


Beer Battered Deep Fried Bacon

Bacon. Element number one on the Periodic Table of Awesome.


How to make fried Kool-Aid balls

Fried Kool-Aid balls are the new “it-food” this summer. How does one fry a liquid?


Diet Coke prints literally millions of unique labels for new campaign

Diet Coke is embarking on a fun new packaging stunt in the U.S., using HP Indigo digital printing technology to create millions of completely unique labels—in a campaign appropriately themed, “It’s Mine.”


2 Cups of coffee a day reduces risk of liver cirrhosis

Two cups of coffee a day can help stave off liver disease caused by drinking too much alcohol, scientists claimed today.


Pairing herbs with wine (part 3)

Making the Freshest Taste Fresher

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