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Waverley Hills Chicken and Mushroom Soup

Waverley Hills is, when it comes to South Africa’s winelands, a little bit off the beaten track.


Is red wine really good for you?

Navratras are over. Diwali feasts are over. Now it’s time for weddings, Christmas get-togethers and a big New Year’s do. Booze is all around you.


363 days of tea – in pictures

Ruby Silvious lives in upstate New York and has been turning discarded objects into art for many years. “I like reusing.


Limp Bizkit Vodka all gone in about 10 minutes

What would a Limp Bizkit vodka taste like? Axe Body Spray?


Here`s why it`s time you started drinking wine out of a box

I’m sipping a glass of raisiny red at St John in Spitalfields, chatting to the duty manager about box wine. ‘I remember my mum always got a box in for Christmas,’ he laughs. ‘My friend and I once downed a whole one between us.’


Wine profile hits Tinder and the ladies love it

Foodbeast writer Sean Fahmy decided to create a profile on the dating app Tinder, only he takes the form of wine instead of a person.


Beer Golf is the greatest drinking game since 1-2-3 Drink!

Beer is an absolute necessity when playing golf. Not only is the game it conceptually ridiculous, it’s also impossible. That combination would lead anyone to drink.


11 Wines To Drink While Crying To Adele`s New Album

After four long years, pop megastar Adele dropped her newest album, 25, this week. This means it’s time to feel some feelings, so grab your headphones, a box of tissues and one (or all) of these bottles. You’re going to need ’em.


Wine drinkers urged to drop glass size

A new scheme to help wine drinkers cut down on their alcohol consumption is being introduced in East Dunbartonshire.


These Bloody Mary deviled eggs are the perfect Vodka-soaked party snack

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs might be the best use of eggs since the Pisco Sour!

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