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How tequila could be key in our battle against climate change

Agave — the cactus-like plant which forms the base ingredient of tequila — has a nocturnal ‘body clock’ which allows it to ‘breathe’ at night and withstand the driest of conditions, new research has shown.


Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail with a dash of Caperitif

Happy Cotton Candy Day!


Packaging Spotlight: Like Father Like Son wine collection

Bon Courage in Robertson, South Africa, recently rolled out a new design theme for their popular Like Father Like Son wine range.


Former-street kid takes beer giants head on

A childhood of poverty and homelessness inspired young entrepreneur Teboho Twala to make a new mainstream beer to revolutionise the rather monopolised beer industry.


15 Classic Cocktails With The Most Calories

A recent infographic released by party organisers, Eventa, has revealed how fattening our favourite cocktails are.


Surprise your guests this Christmas with a Summer Berry Pavlova and Elegant MCC

If you are entertaining guests for Christmas lunch and are tired of serving the typical Christmas cake, fruit tarts and trifle, here are a few reasons why Elmarie Berry suggests Pavlova:


Meet the Beer That Could Reduce Climate Change

Long Root Ale might look like any other can of craft beer, but its contents could have a huge impact on what you eat and drink in the future — as well as the environment.


Rietvallei Chenin Blanc paired with Prawns in Red Thai Curry

Take some inspiration from our Chef Elizabeth Burger for this year’s Festive Season. Pair the Rietvallei Chenin Blanc 2016 with Red Thai Curry Prawns.


This Company Wants You to Eat Beer

Other than correcting someone’s pronunciation of a foreign word, there may not be a faster way to feel superior than eating a granola bar—and it works in so many situations.


How to keep your liver in great shape this festive season

With all the extra indulgences at Christmas, your liver may need a little extra support to help it cope with the demands made upon it.