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10 Of The Very Best Braai Recipes For Heritage Day

Nothing says Heritage Day in South Africa quite like the smoky-sweet flavour of a braai.


Vodka Tampons And 6 Other Bizarre Ways To Get Drunk Without Drinking Alcohol

Parties, cheering for our favorite sports team, or simply enjoying a break from work are occasions where we drink, sometimes in excess.


This Celeb-Loved Serum Is Pretty Much Wine for Your Face

Don’t judge me—but I am not a fan of eco-friendly beauty.


What is mushroom beer and how do you brew it?

Decorative Gourd Season is upon us, and the thoughtful beer drinker has a choice to make: follow the well-trod path and reach for a pumpkin ale, or take the path less traveled and seek out an unexpected fall-flavored beer made from mushrooms.


How to pour beer like a German

Pouring beer is more than getting the liquid from one vessel to another: it’s an art form, as well as a science that has its own methodologies, constants, and variables.


8 things you can do with Pimms apart from drinking it

The recipe of Pimm’s No.1 Cup is known to only six people and its flavour profile is as hard to pinpoint as it is to describe. 


What Every Wine Lover Needs To Know In Order To Crush Date Night

I’m always looking for dating tips in relation to drinking. Because, let’s be real, dating usually entails meeting for a drink (as much as we may not always want it to) or drinking through dinner.


What you need to know about detox tea

Tea lovers aren’t just sipping cups of plain old Earl Grey these days. For many, the allure of detox teas — those teas that purport to help you lose weight — is compelling. But there’s more you need to know before you try one.


Apparently certain types of tequila don’t give you hangovers

You may think that all those vegan, body-beautiful, yoga-posing, wellness-types over in LA might choose a wheatgrass shot over a dose of the hard stuff.


Cheers! The world`s first beer pipeline is now open

A beer pipeline. It sounds like an ale lover’s wildest dream.