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Unbreakable wine glasses

Let’s face it: at some point you’ve broken a wine glass or two, else you haven’t lived!


How to make the most of a bottle of wine, no matter what kind you`re drinking

There are few things better than coming home from a stressful day of work, opening a bottle of your favorite wine


Boozekeepers Hangover Remedies: Chris Ilus

Cape Town based mixologist Chris Ilus is mixing his way to the top.


Portuguese cork exports to hit €1bn by 2017

Head of the world’s largest corkamorimcork Portuguese cork exports to hit €1bn by 2017
by Amorim Cork
producer, Antonio Amorim, believes that Portuguese cork exports will reach €1 billion by 2017.


Absolut Vodka and Deadmau5 team up on virtual reality

Marketing campaigns are one way the music and film industry want to spread virtual reality.
Finally, vodka, electronic dance music, and virtual reality can all coexist.


#DrinksBattle: Kumquat Cocktails. Martha Stewart Versus Rachael Ray

The Asian mini-me cousin of the orange, the kumquat, will be the leveller in today’s #drinksbattle between The Queen of Lifestyle, Martha Stewart and the Master of the 30 Minute Meal, Rachael Ray.


How To Enjoy Wine With Chili, Garlic and Kimchi

My first bite of kimchi was when I was barely two.


Banana and bacon muffins

It’s that old sweet savoury combo of sweet bananas and salty bacon that might seem odd at first but try it, it really works in these banana and bacon muffins.


Game Pie Recipe paired with La Motte Syrah

In anticipation of La Motte‘s Evening of Vintage Wine & Venison on 18 August, we would like to share a recipe for Game Pie from our Cape Winelands Cuisine Cookbook.


Supermodel Christie Brinkley Promotes New Organic and Sugar-Free Wine Brand

Supermodel Christie Brinkley loves sparkling wine. In fact, she adores the bubbly beverage so much she went ahead and started her own brand of delicious sparkling organic wine called Bellisima.