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Here`s why every glass of wine you drink is radioactive

Liquor and wine is illegal in the U.S. unless it is radioactive. When tested, drinking alcohol is required to have at least 400 radioactive decays per minute for each 750 ml.


3 Valentine Breakfast ideas

Make it special.


Organic Agriculture Is Key to Helping Feed the World Sustainably

Organic agriculture is a relatively untapped resource for feeding the Earth’s population, especially in the face of climate change and other global challenges.


Uber found the perfect way to distract drunk passengers

Uber may be trying some unusual ways to protect its drivers from drunk passengers.


Does aging wine under water have benefits or is it going overboard?

The theory and practice of harnessing the ocean for food, energy, and profit has been with us for some thousand years now, but it’s only in the last half dozen that winemakers have turned in an industrial fashion toward it as an aquatic cellar.


300 School kids have to use beer crates for chairs, thanks to South Africa`s Education Department

More than 300 pupils at a Limpopo school have to sit on beer crates because the provincial education department has not provided furniture for the past two years.


How to make deep-fried soft boiled eggs

Is it a hush puppy? Or a short, fat corndog? Or maybe its a weird looking fried Twinkie? No, it’s none of that. It’s better. Wayyyy better.


All 8 Super Bowl 50 Drinks Commercials

Sit back, pour another one and watch all the drinks commercials from Super Bowl 50.


Sofia Vergara had a medical area at her wedding for drunk guests

Sofia Vergara had a medical area at her wedding where guests could rehydrate after drinking too much.


What kind of Valentine`s Cocktail are you? Take the quiz

Are you saucy and spontaneous or a hopeless romantic?

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