5 Ways to Spot a Good Wine

Did you know that good wine is neither expensive, nor old? So how do you know what makes for a good bottle of vino?

For starters, a good wine is deep, complex and stays with you long after you’ve tasted it. The general tasting rules of swirl, sniff and sip are a start, but there’s more to learn when determining if a wine is worthy of your taste buds and cash.

Here five tips to help you to find exactly what to look for:

Take a look at the back label

Front labels can be enticing, but check out the full package before you purchase. Back labels provide you with more information about a wine. Also keep an eye out for any stamps of approval like awards or reviews – all signs of a good wine.

Scent of Attraction

Swirl and sniff. Here’s where two rules of tasting 101 come into play. Chances are, the more you smell, the better the wine may taste. The taste is confirming what you sense.

Play with your tongue

Sound sexy? Well it is, but focus. Once you’ve swirled and sniffed your way around the glass, go in for the sip. Let the liquid move around your tongue. Use your taste buds to figure out how many different flavors you can pick up on.

Check out the year

If you do some homework and know your years and some favorite regions, you’ll know if climate and weather conditions produced a perfectly ripe harvest—and good wines. Extreme heat or cold or too much rain can take a toll on the quality of some grapes. Do some research before you buy, particularly if you’re trying a new region, and don’t be fooled by age. Older wines aren’t necessarily better yet higher-end wines have more staying power and can last three to 10 years or more.

Embrace What You Really Like

If you purchase the wine again, chances are you like it. Explore the world of wine. Taste is subjective, which means the best wine is the one you like. Take time to try new varietals from regions all around the world and find your own personal style.