Ultra Hot brrrrilliant Winter wine specials

The chill’s set in, and it’s time to replenish the cellars, fill the pantry with goodies, stack up the logs and stay warm – so I thought I’d give my fellow wine lovers a sneak preview of the Ultra Liquors 2013 winter catalogue, to inspire you to brave the cold and get those wine racks stocked up before you light the fire!

You won’t be surprised to see that red wines dominate here, as they’re the natural choice for the chilly season… However, in this beautiful country of ours, it’s not unusual for warm (ish!), crisp rays of sunshine to break ‘out of the blue’ – so I’ve included 3 whites to help you celebrate those Indian Summer days…

This winter wish list showcases different regions, terroirs, varietals and styles – but there is a common denominator: they are all BIG ON PALATE, SMALL ON POCKET!

This criterion is my mantra when I select wines for universal enjoyment: they have to be good enough to please our most discerning customers, but still live up to the promise of real value for money on which Ultra Liquors has built its reputation.

brrrr Ultra Hot brrrrilliant Winter wine specials