George Clooney Selling Tequila Brand For $1 Billion

George Clooney is selling his tequila company for $1 billion.


Butter Tarts: Recipes For The Quintessentially Canadian Dessert

Recipes for the quintessentially Canadian dessert


Best Of Both Worlds? This Philly Shop Created Pizza Ice Cream

In the latest ridiculous food news we bring you pizza-flavoured ice cream.


Coke’s Love Affair With Canada Started In ’30s

One of the best stories heard about Coca-Cola?s relationship to Canada is when then company president Robert Woodruff visited the country in the middle of a bitter 1930s winter - in Moose Ja


The Art Of The French Picnic: Recipes And Tips For International Picnic Day

The weather's certainly telling us it's time for al fresco eating. Why not celebrate in style - especially since this Sunday June 18 (apart from it being Father's Day) is also International Picnic Day


Cheers! Having A Nightcap May Be Good For Your Health

Nightcap may be good for you


Giving Healthy Foods Sexy Names May Make People More Likely To Eat Them

Trickery to get diners to eat


Dinner For Dad: Recipes To Celebrate Father’s Day

Recipes to celebrate Father's Day


Study finds that you are more likely to purchase wines with descriptive labels

Thinking about purchasing your next bottle of wine?


Medical Pot Dispensary Selling Marijuana Pizza

Dispensary selling marijuana pizza

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