Oak Valley gets a new restaurant with a pool

This summer sees the opening of a brand-new tasting room in the Elgin valley by Oak Valley Wines that showcase the Rawbone family’s rich heritage and vast range of products.

The opening of the new Pool Room Restaurant will once again take a historical step into the future development of Oak Valley. Along with its established mountain biking attractions, voted as some of the best in South Africa, it is now set to become an extraordinary culinary attraction, adding to its current economic generators of fruit, wine, livestock and flowers.

To say that the Pool Room represents an idyllic wine destination will be an understatement. All the hard work and cash that went into the renovations and construction of the restaurant clearly paid off! The restaurant overlooks a magnificent sparkling blue pool in an open garden setting with views of Oak Valley and the Groenland mountains. The interior is fresh and the furniture modern in order to create the ultimate pool pavilion atmosphere.

interior pool room Oak Valley gets a new restaurant with a pool

The dream team at the Pool Room consists out of chef Nicole Precoudis, who made name for herself at two top establishments in Johannesburg,  and Restaurant Manager, William de Reuck, previously at Grootbos Private Luxury Nature Reserve in Gansbaai. They will be working alongside a staff complement of sixteen.

The menu is simple and refreshing. It focus mainly on Oak Valley’s meat products, grass-fed beef and acorn-fed pork, along with a range of dry-cured meats crafted by Nicole in her on-farm curing facility. Wagyu, the famous cattle breed from Japan, where it is better known as Kobe beef, will be on offer from time-to-time depending on availability. Wagyu is a delicacy famous for its incredible marbling and flavour.

sliders oakvalley Oak Valley gets a new restaurant with a pool

The restaurant is also equipped with a custom made coal-fired grill to cook the meats and optimise flavour. The garden behind the Pool Room will be supplying the restaurant with fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs.

The wine list features all the award-winning wines from the Oak Valley ranges and a couple of locally produced Methode Cap Classique style wines and French Champagnes.

oakvalley swimming pool Oak Valley gets a new restaurant with a pool

The Pool Room is truly a great new addition to the Elgin Valley. Apart from the magical and idyllic setting, the deli provides visitors with fresh farm produce and the wines from Oak Valley speak from themselves. The fact that it’s less than an hour’s drive from Cape Town makes it the perfect place to escape to and enjoy delectable food, sensational wines and breathtaking scenery.

The Pool Room have an 80 seat capacity and will be open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday, 12h00 to 15h30, and dinner on Fridays from 18h30 to 22h00. The deli and wine tasting bar will be open from Monday to Friday, 10h00 to 17h00, and Saturday to Sunday from 10h00 to 16h00. Wine tasting is open 7 days a week.