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Wild Turkey Gets Into The Bespoke Barrel Business

The master distiller will personally help pick the cask that’s best for you.


Wild Turkey Goes Back Decades For Its Oldest-ever Bourbon

This new whiskey has an unusual longevity for a bourbon.


A Rogue Distillery Worker Stole $100,000 Worth Of Whiskey

It might have to be destroyed


Matthew Mcconaughey Directs Second Wild Turkey Ad

Actor Matthew McConaughey has directed his second television advertisement for Wild Turkey Bourbon as part of the continuation of the brand?s ?It?ll Find You? campaign


Matthew Mcconaughey Testifies In New Wild Turkey’ Global Advertising Campaign

Matthew McConaughey is back at the helm of Wild Turkey Bourbon's advertising, ready to testify in his newest creative effort for the iconic bourbon. Wild Turkey today unveiled its second television co


Matthew Mcconaughey Returns For Wild Turkey In Latest Ad

Gruppo Campari has lined up the next television advert for its Wild Turkey Bourbon brand with actor Matthew McConaughey.


Cooking With Bourbon

This spirit is increasingly finding favour with chefs, both in sweet and savoury applications.


Bar News

Bars around the UK are competing for a chance to travel to Kentucky with Wild Turkey bourbon to learn in depth about how the whiskey is made.



‘bourbon Built The House, And That’s What’s Going To Help Us Save It’

Legendary 19th-century bourbon baron T.B. Ripy’s great grandsons have been working to restore his 1888 mansion. Now the parent company of Wild Turkey is helping with a cut of proceeds from the sale

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