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Treat Yourself To A Classic Bourbon Cocktail This Weekend

Making an Old Fashioned is easy, relatively cheap, and pretty delicious.


Whiskey Spill In Kentucky Kills Thousands Of Fish

A fire at the Jim Beam warehouse spilled 45,000 barrels into the Kentucky River, killing thousands of fish. Learn more about the incident.


?tens Of Thousands? Of Fish Dying From Jim Beam Bourbon Runoff

Crews on pumping barges in the Kentucky River worked around the clock July 8 in efforts to save fish suffocating in water contaminated with runoff from a 45,000-barrel Jim Beam warehouse fire.


Jim Beam’s Massive Warehouse Fire: Latest In A Series Of Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Accidents

The equivalent of roughly 6 million bottles of bourbon were lost in a fire Tuesday night


Jim Beam Warehouse Catches Fire, But Your Bourbon Supply Is Safe

"This fire will not impact the availability of Jim Beam for consumers," the company told ABC News.


Latest Wild Turkey Master’s Keep Goes The Rye Whiskey Direction

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Cornerstone Rye emerges as the first rye whiskey in this higher end Wild Turkey series, being bottled at 109 proof.


Top Stops Along The Kentucky Bourbon Trail That Are More Than Just Whiskey

Charming towns, great bourbon, history, horses, a giant bat, delicious food?and even ghosts.


Pernod Ricard Is Back In Kentucky With Rabbit Hole Whiskey, But Why Did It Ever Leave?

Ten years ago, Pernod Ricard sold Wild Turkey Bourbon to Campari Group. Today, as the French spirits group announces the purchase of Louisville's Rabbit Hole Whiskey, the question is not why the group


Rfid Tracks Bourbon As It Ages

Wild Turkey has employed a UHF RFID system to track the aging process of its bourbon at three storage locations, while eliminating the time and potential errors related to manually counting its 650,00


Why The Kentucky Bourbon Affair Is The ‘promised Land’ Of Bourbon Tourism


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