Sommeliers Against Elitism

Reading the blog elitismleadstotyranny of Oxbridge boat race saboteur Trenton Oldfield this morning, it is amazing how many of his suggested tips to bring the ivory towers of elitism crashing down, have already been deployed in SA.

  • If you work in a restaurant where elitists eat, can you serve the food once it is cold or cook the wrong food?
  • If you are a taxi driver can you take the passenger the slowest possible and most expensive route?
  • If you work in a private company or government department that is helping enclose Our Public perhaps you could work slowly, make mistakes, loose documents, sending large documents to clog up email accounts?
jade 300x180 Sommeliers Against Elitism

Wine Blogger (l) and Class Warrior (r)

Eskom, SAA, WOSA, Home Affairs and many large SA corporations are already unwittingly following Trenton’s anti-elitist agenda while his suggestion “if you work in audio-visuals for meetings/conferences could you put up the wrong slides, or turn the correct ones upside down and remove cables, rendering the equipment unusable?” was pioneered at many a Veritas Awards dinner.

Sommeliers could be storm troopers (the screaming Stuka dive bombers) of the offensive by preferentially serving corkamorimcork Sommeliers Against Elitism
by Amorim Cork
ed wines to elitists, the “transnational-corpo-aristocratic [TCA] ruling class (invisible)”.  Or perhaps they already do?