Mapping Terroir: Day Four

A ninety minute drive from maritime Bot River to continental Robertson this morning with snow on the peaks above Villiersdorp. Robertson boasts its own natural air conditioner that sucks ocean cooled air up a funnel created by the Langeberg and Riviersonderend mountains and for the first time this afternoon, I wished someone would switch it off.

Huge terroir differences translate to huge taste differences between maritime and continental wines. Lower acidities and higher alcohols lead to oily textures and fatter palate weight. Burgundy is the quintessential continental appellation, so what a pleasure to find two Pinot Noirs awarded three hearts – our top score. Like Michelin and the Holy Trinity, we count up to three. But the really good news is that one wine was priced at R55 retail and the other at R90. Amazing the Pinot Noir value you unearth when you can’t see the label. But it was Castle Draught for my ribs and calamari at Bourbon Street this lunchtime with Elizma Spangenberg and Anibal, below.

20120723 180836 Mapping Terroir: Day Four

142 wines down with about the same number again tomorrow. Some wonderful MCCs and Chardonnays already nailed with the serious reds on Tuesday.