Mbazima, the Elsenburg angel

Yesterday’s Elsenburg Auction to send the final year winemaking class to France as a cure for cellar palate was saved from poverty almost single handedly by Mbazima Shilowa (below) who opened his capacious wallet and paid up for lots of lots. If politics doesn’t work out for Mbazima, the wine industry should welcome this giant with open arms. Did anyone say head of WOSA?

20120825 094009 Mbazima, the Elsenburg angel

Two dozen bidders paid R500 to attend and failed to show but the magnificent dozen who did bid raised the tally to over R130K. Top lot was a barrel of Shiraz made by Jacques Wentzel plus a weekend at his Amistad Wine Co. Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines Mbazima, the Elsenburg angel
by franschhoekwines
cellar during harvest next year which went for R22K confirming the ability to participate as a powerful incentive for upcountry winos.

20120824 163804 Mbazima, the Elsenburg angel

Nedbankers were well represented among successful bidder as was an Eben Sadie fan from Apple. A Cape-based rerun of the auction takes place next month.