Bubbledogs @ a Fizz Festival Near You

Plagiarism is the major source of inspiration for Cape Town gourmet stylists with dim sum pop-up bars suddenly fashionable and matching pizza with wine become tasty trendy. The next wave is hot dogs and bubbly pioneered by a restaurant specializing in the unlikely combo in London called Bubbledogs.

dieworsrol Bubbledogs @ a Fizz Festival Near You

Tanya Gold reviews it in the Speccie this week and notes “Here in Fitzrovia, where restaurants gather in piles, the menu is only hotdogs and champagne, a food and a drink with such complex meaning and agonised marketing history that they surely belong together. Hotdogs have an awful reputation. I blame the Odeon for those joyless schlongs of pig, hosed off a corpse and stuck in a bun made of salt and hate; they match the movies they are made to be chewed to. Champagne brings its own burden, class anxiety in a flute, with all those sobbing bubbles.”

But in typical Speccie-mode, it turns out that Tans is teetotal, which smacks of those Cape Town restaurant reviewers who don’t eat meat and who will handbag you to death if you even think foie gras.

With Master Card gifting the Cap Classique Association R1 million a year for their bubbly bashes, how long before there’s a local Bubbledogs at a fizz festival near you? Bertus Basson was the big culinary hit at the recent Secret Festival at Spier with his R35 parboiled schlong, served from his retro yellow caravan called Die Wors Rol, the culinary highlight of the event. Wors and cupcakes, culinary bliss!

So how many milliseconds will it take for the Cape’s brave foodie-stylists to reinvent Bubbledogs in the local vernacular? Fizzyfido, perhaps? Heck, the culinary highlight of next weekend’s Swartland Revolution is a Friday night “BBQ Extravaganza.” Quick, pass me the ketchup!