Egg Bound on Bree

Now that a Paul Smith boutique (“sale – further reductions”) has opened on Bree Street rather than at the Waterfront, Bree is definitely the sexiest address in Cape Town. In the same block as Paul is Clarke’s Diner, Ground Zero for the tattooed and skate borders who must be powered by eggs for JP Winshaw (below) delivers 360 twice a week.

photo 38 e1359018511844 300x224 Egg Bound on Bree

“We make way more money from eggs than from wine” admits JP, which is strange as his 2012 Pinot Gris is a stonker. “At the moment, the chickens follow the cows in the pasture, but I’m working on my dad to get them into the vineyards.” Heck, if near neighbour Vergenoegd can find fame and fortune with their Runner Ducks (with eggs sold in the tasting room) then chickens could put Usana on the map – certainly as wine of choice for Hen Parties!