Pick ‘n Pay get into the Swim

The day after the Argus, which should more properly be called the Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour (after all the Argus has now become a Food Lover’s Market in central Cape Town, a great improvement on the newspaper) Pick ‘n Pay was back in the news with the launch of the SASSI Seafood Circle at the Harbour House on the Waterfront last night.

IMG 4902 225x300 Pick ‘n Pay get into the Swim

Above is a sassy snapper snapped leaving the function – made from papier-mâché , it is sustainable as opposed to inflatable varieties which are hard to sustain. While the pisces served at the function may have been sustainable, the media piss-artistes are probably not so, for this was a function that should have been sponsored by Peter Stuyvesant, so many smokers were there. How many cigarettes can you see in the random crowd shot below? A sustainable kipper for the first correct answer.

IMG 4900 300x225 Pick ‘n Pay get into the Swim

As far as wine goes, Two Oceans stepped bravely on board but what a pity that gorgeous panoramic shot of Cape Point on the label has been downsized to a jaunty nautical rhombus after complaints from pedants that two oceans do not, in fact, actually meet at Cape Point. Duh! A fact disputed by UCT Professor of History and one-time wine writer Nigel Penn who says they should.

Perhaps Pick ‘n Pay should sponsor a Sustainable Wine Writer Circle as with talent like Nigel’s being replaced by soccer moms and wagon men, the gentle art of wine writing has never been as poverty stricken as it is today. Worse even than fish stocks, we hear.