Let Vinpro Vote

There are angry mutterings from farmers on the Wrong Side of the Mountain over attempts by Vinpro to revive Wieta, the ethical trading initiative which exploded spectacularly in the November farmworker riots when Vinpro “placed a moratorium on its support of Wieta as an accreditation vehicle until further notice. Specific conditions were set before VinPro would reconsider supporting Wieta.”

riots Let Vinpro Vote

A note to Vinpro members this week announces “the good progress that has been made with regard to the repositioning of Wieta, has led to a decision by the VinPro board to once again give its full support to Wieta as the ethical trade accreditation vehicle for the wine industry, with immediate effect.”

The good progress sees those directors accused with fomenting unrest still in their posts with the only casualty WOSA CEO Su Birch, who fought tooth-and-nail to keep her job, but failed and will leave in September after one final freebee in London.

The struggle for the conscience of SA wine between FairTrade and Wieta is far too important for murky boardroom deals and the whole issue should be presented to Vinpro members for a free vote.