Conspiracy Theory Central Meeting at Nobu

Any get together of the wine and brandy fraternity is a fertile breeding ground for conspiracy theories. This is how nagmaal must have been centuries ago when the boere met every few months to chew biltong and exchange skinner. So last night’s brandy banquet at Nobu was a seething pit of crazy theories and crackpot ideas. Like how much of SA’s miracle bulk wine export boom is actually transshipments to Europe from Argentina and Chile? With Chile in particular keen not to be seen exporting in bulk to traditional export markets, shipping via SA makes marketing sense. 160,000 litres is one number I heard mentioned.

IMG 1375 576x1024 Conspiracy Theory Central Meeting at Nobu

Another is secret signals used by members of the Brandy Guild to identify themselves to other guildsmen. Forget about funny handshakes. Can you pick up the secret sign in the two paps from last night? Does the Cape Winemakers’ Guild employ similar signalling?

IMG 1370 576x1024 Conspiracy Theory Central Meeting at Nobu

Meanwhile, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition 2013 is fully booked. More than 170 wineries and 5,000 visitors expected on November 25-26 in Amsterdam’s exhibition centre RAI. This year, the World Bulk Wine Exhibition will gather more than 170 wineries from the entire world to launch their wines to five thousand international importers and purchasers. The great meeting for the wine business holds its fifth edition and is sold out nearly two months before the event, which promises to be the most successful and international edition since its start. Make’s you think, doesn’t it.