Narina Dodo

Well some say that Johannesburg is the largest artificial forest in the world and so you might expect to find a large green forest bird within its concrete canopy. And for several years Narina Trogon, the restaurant, flourished. The New York Times was mad about it and I had many memorable meals there, cooked by funky chefs Paul Barrett and Ross Wilson. But deprived of the sunlight of Eat Out acclaim and poisoned with urban grime, crime and inner city decay, the brave oasis of culinary calm will serve its last meal next Friday. On my birthday. Here is brave owner Carlyn Zehner who gave me the death sentence at Food|Wine|Design last month, together with boutique hotelier James Peech.

IMG 1533 615x345 Narina Dodo

What a perfect venue for a Pendock Wine Gallery. Perhaps WOSA should hire it as an outpost to showcase SA wine in the city that takes 60% of SA sales. Instead of yet more cosy functions in Cape Town and preaching to the converted, wine and brandy marketers should set up a mission station in darkest Africa. The address is 81 De Korte Street, Braamfontein. Come on, Cape Legends, how about a Legends of Braamfontein – an uberchic inner city pop up in what the New York Times calls “Joburg’s version of New York’s Soho”. Sure as heck beats a picnic on the lawn of Uitkyk.

ntr 615x373 Narina Dodo