Chris Poole: face of SA wine

If not an Irishman, then who should be the face of SA wine? Waddle forward Chris Poole (below). A man with a mission to eat in every one of the 1,000+ branches of Nando’s worldwide so he can win a lifetime’s supply of the stuff. The competition may be closed, but Nando’s will still honour the prize.

cp 615x346 Chris Poole: face of SA wine

Nando’s is Rosetenville’s towering contribution to global cuisine while the lack of an SA Nando’s wine brand is surely the biggest missed opportunity ever. Heck the genii of the Swartland have grubbed up all the Fernão Pires grapes which would have made a great Nando’s house white.

Perhaps the marketers at Graça, the closest SA comes to a Vinho Verde, will Carpe Diem and seize on Chris as the face of peri-peri chicken. After all, the brand celebrated its 30th birthday last year and Chris sure looks the part, although his cockscomb does need some work.