Are SA wines too cheap?

E-mails from e-tailer Getwine give you a reality check on the state of SA wine you never get from a PR release. This morning it is the Swartland that is being heavily discounted: Adi Badenhorst’s Secateurs Chenin Blanc 2013 down 18% to R59 while the Scali Syrah 2008 is down 2/3 to the same price.

scali 615x348 Are SA wines too cheap?

Now the Platter 4.5 star sticker – what was that about Platter being a wine guide, not a wine competition, again? – means that this wine was nominated for 5 star glory but didn’t make it. So we’re talking the acme of anorakdom here, discounted by 2/3. Is all well in Mordor?