African Wine Festivals

Does the news that an SA radio DJ Bad Boy T (below left) is organizing SA wine festivals in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and the DRC herald a new direction for SA wine marketing? Producers may be a little wary of the radio link after the mayhem and damage caused to Franschhoekfranschhoekcellarwines African Wine Festivals
by franschhoekwines
by the itchy and scratchy egomaniac Franschhoek literary luvvies appointed as a wine writing judge last year, a mistake they’re repeating again this year.

But as Thomas Msengana says “firstly, there is so much between us as African people so why are we going that side. Let’s meet among ourselves and learn about each other. So Cape Town you known worldwide they’ve got the best wine so we thought let’s take the wine from Cape Town, bring it through [to Ghana].” Serious!

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So as WOSA roar off to ProWein with their gang of expensive foreign experts, the brothers are doing it for themselves and soul diva Unathi (above) will be promoting SA wine through music. A heck of a lot hipper than braiis and biodiversity. While the Ghana gig at the end of May (“after work, at the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel“) is unlikely to move as much bulk as Dusseldorf, it will surely be a lot more fun. SA producers should at least give Bad Boy T and uWosa a chance.