How artists see wine

How does the world see us? is probably not a rhetorical question which exercises too many artists. But as a flâneur at the Cape Town Art Fair last night, it was interesting to see how the Kingdom of Bacchus is perceived by fine artists.

IMG 2349 576x1024 How artists see wine

Here is a performance piece involving a fly and a bottle of Krug. Meanwhile at the sell out show at the Everard Read Gallery, an artist with a wonderfully Dickensian name, Caryn Scrimgeour, portrays some iconic SA wine brands in her witty paintings.

Pierre Jourdan:

IMG 2335 615x345 How artists see wine

La Bri:

IMG 2336 615x345 How artists see wine

and Tassenberg:

IMG 2342 615x345 How artists see wine