Crafty Whisky and Curry

Later this year the Scots will be asked whether they want to go it alone and leave the UK. Perhaps they should consider joining up, Crimea-style, with India. For already the subcontinent produces more Johnnie Walker than they do and after tasting chef Shyam Longani’s Karoo Korma (below) at the Twankey Bar of the Taj Hotel on Wednesday night, they’d be well advised to give haggis and neeps the heave-ho and embrace curry leaves and pappadums.

od 615x461 Crafty Whisky and Curry

Especially when paired with Highland Park whisky and Ola Dubh craft beer, aged in whisky barrels. Or not aged, like my favourite one called Bitter and Twisted. And this is no sly reference to the Whale Cottage blogger who is banned from the venue for being a fat, flatulent, fraud. Or triple-f as they call him in touristic circles. Which is not why this even was called Full Circle, either.

fc 499x1024 Crafty Whisky and Curry

Ageing craft beer in whisky barrels is a funny thing to do when you think about it, as in the case of Highland Park, the barrels were first used to age Spanish Sherry. So why not cut out the middleman and age your craft beer in Sherry casks? The other curiosity is that Highland Park is located on Orkey where no trees grow. So making wood a feature flavour of your dram is pushing it, a little.

But then when it comes to Scots, a little goes a long way and both whisky and beer are world class accompaniments to the world class food being served from the Bombay Brasserie kitchen. One of the travel writing Therouxs called it “the best Indian restaurant in Africa” and judging by the food on Wednesday night, he is not wrong.