Note to SA wine producers: be wise, condomise

The shocking news that Cuba, capital of love in the Caribbean, is running short of condoms highlights other uses for the plastic prophylactic.  According to the Guardian “anglers use them to give floats a glossy sheen attractive to fish, pigeon fanciers use their rubber rims to attach notes to birds’ legs and hard-up thrill-seekers fill them with cheap rum to smuggle into nightclubs.” Another use is as hairdressing accessories (below).

photo 97 Note to SA wine producers: be wise, condomise

Are Chenin producers missing a trick here? Perhaps their new-found largesse from Standard Bank should be deployed to provide free condoms with every bottle of Chenin to facilitate distribution in nightclubs. The Cuban condoms come from China, so perhaps a barter deal could be struck by Shoprite/Checkers who are masters at such things.