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Know Your Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

The accidental breeding of two grapes has given birth to one of the most popular red wines to date; the Cabernet Sauvignon. With high levels of tannin, it ages beautifully over the years, which is ideal for most wine lovers. To know more about Cabernet Sauvignon, read below. 

What is a Cabernet Sauvignon?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a red grape variety. It is thick-skinned with a dark blue color. It has vast plantation throughout the world where wine grapes are popular but have a substantial plantation in Bordeaux. 

It rooted in accidental breeding of the Cabernet Franc grape plant and white Sauvignon Blanc grape in the 17th century. It grows well in places with a warm climate and a sufficient amount of sunlight. It is also popular in California, more specifically in Napa Valley. 

Its vibrant purple flavor profile matches well with the meats and steaks that it can be paired with. Although it is as alcoholic as other liquors, it can taste a lot better with age. It is late-flowering and late-ripening, thus maturing slowly. 

Taste and Food Pairing

Cabernet Sauvignon is rich in flavor. It is known for its dark fruit flavor, baking spice flavor, and graphite. When underripe, it can taste like those green leafy vegetables you eat with salads. If it is ripe, then it will taste like dried fruit such as prunes and raisins. It also has a hint of vanilla flavor. 

Its flavor will depend on the region where it was produced. Cabs from Bordeaux are in deep color red with high levels of tannin, which ages well. Cabs from Napa Valley have almost the same blend with the ones from Bordeaux, but for much lower prices. Those from colder regions produces wines with slight mint and pepper flavor. Those from warmer regions taste like fruits. 

Cabernet Sauvignon is high in tannin, which naturally exists in the seeds, skin, and stem of the grapes. A wine with high tannins is bitter and astringent. To cut tannin, you should pair it with food that has fat and protein.

Red meat is the best food you can pair with Cabernet Sauvignon. It is an ideal pair for steaks, burgers, short ribs, sausages, and lamb veal. And since it has earthy flavor elements, it will also pair well with dishes with mushrooms. It can also match well with strong-flavored cheeses and chocolate-based dishes. 

Cabernet Sauvignon wines to try 

The best wine will depend on your preference. From expensive bottles to cheaper alternatives, there will always be a Cabernet Sauvignon wine for everyone. Below are the Cabs to try depending on the price range.


There’s no drink classier to pair your food with than a good red wine – Cabernet Sauvignon at that. A glass of this well-loved vino will surely leverage your dining or party experience. You can even indulge in it as a form of relaxation. If you haven’t had a sip of this Cab, it’s about time that you do.